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The Business structure of Haringey is characterised by small medium enterprises. Haringey has a total of 5,645 VAT registered businesses 4,615 of these businesses only employ between 0 and people only 180 of these businesses employ 20 or more people. Muswell Hill has a total of 475 VAT registered businesses 425 of these businesses only employ between 0 and 4 people only 5 of these businesses employ between 0 and 4 people. The impact of external influences on Sainsbury’s The fact that there are many different businesses and outlets around Sainsbury’s mean that there is lot of competition with other stores such as Mark and Spencer’s

As there are many middle class people around the Muswell hill area, it means that there is good chance that a huge amount of money is spent in Sainsbury’s. The transport around Muswell hill includes a very good bus services that go to a range of places such as wood Green, Edmonton, Tottenham, Finchley etc. this means that more people will be able to go to Sainsbury’s to buy their goods. There are many schools around the Muswell hill area which means that a lot of students may go there to buy lunch which would also benefit Sainsbury’s. There are no tube stations around the Muswell hill area which is downfall, as it means less people are likely to use Sainsbury’s.

In June 2005, 8,410(7.9%) of Haringey residents were registered unemployed during the period November 2005 and June 2005 unemployment across the borough stayed the same at 7.9%. In June 2006, 160 (2.9%) of Muswell Hill residents were registered unemployed During the period November 2005 and June 2006 unemployment across Muswell Hill stayed the same 2.9% out of the 625 London wards, Muswell Hill has the416th highest unemployment rate International economy Social and ethical factors Fair Trade Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based model of international trade which promotes the payment of a fair price as well as social and environmental standards in areas related to the production of a wide variety of goods.

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Value isn’t just about price; it’s about the well being of the poorer countries. Every banana we sell in Sainsbury’s is a Fair-trade banana and they have a long-term relationship with the farmers that grow them. Their commitment to continue sourcing Fair-trade bananas has helped give them the confidence they need to replant their banana farms and rebuild their communities. This will gradually lead to economic growth. There are many laws and regulations when labelling products. Food products need to carry the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or retailer. However, these details might be misunderstood because if the main ingredients are imported from another country, a manufacturer doesn’t have to say where these have been bought from. They can get around this by saying the product was ‘produced in the UK’.

A stout’s pie, steak or a chicken tika might have been made in the UK, but the meat might be sourced from Brazil or India. Around half of the chicken eaten in the UK is imported but it is usually covered in spices or used in a ready meal so the consumer doesn’t know it has come from another country. According to laws, the labels or packaging used on ready meals only need to state the origin of the ingredients. Sainsbury’s and the co-op have a policy that they have to state the country of origin of the meat used in their ready meals on the label, but there are other supermarkets that reveal this in formation.

These laws mean that Sainsbury’s need to be careful, as customers are becoming more anxious of what they purchase and eat, and therefore they might shop in other supermarkets like Morrison’s, Tesco or Marks and Spencer. (Source from Employee Regulations There are many different regulations and laws that can affect Sainsbury’s; one of them includes the working time regulation, which states that a worker is entitled to at least a rest period of 11 uninterrupted hours between each working day. An employee is also entitled to one whole day off a week. Buts days off can be taken over a two week period, meaning workers can take two days off a fortnight

Managers need to make sure that their workers can take their rest, but aren’t required to make sure they do take their rest. These rules mean Sainsbury’s have to employ enough people so that when some workers are taking time off, others can take their place. This also means more money will be spent on wages, and Sainsbury’s could lose out on profits and money. This usually motivates the workers because they don’t want to be blamed on for losing profits.

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