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Nursing is broadly considered an art and science wherein caring structures the hypothetical system of nursing. It is a vocation with an indulging desire to care for others which demands the utmost dedication, commitment, compassion, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Nursing and caring are grounded in a social arrangement, unity, and the nurse-patient relationship. The fundamental elements of this divine profession combine communication, teamwork, and delivering optimized care for those in need without prejudice. These certainly affirm my ultimate belief in the 6 C’s care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment, and competence and I love to uphold these values in my everyday practice.

While caring for my elderly parents enabled me to understand, and identify the caring skills and qualities within me, my wife’s dedication and commitment as a nurse have further inspired me to pursue my ambition to be in the caring profession. My ongoing desire and passion inclined me to get a job as a care assistant when I moved to the UK. While in this job, I realized a structured training and practice to achieve my Nursing qualification are essential to enhance my skills and extend my service to the people I care for. To apply for a nursing Degree is a much-awaited opportunity that I have been longing for.

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Working in a Nursing home with dementia care has been a truly inspiring role whilst assisting, supporting, and caring for vulnerable people with empathy, which in return gained fulfillment and satisfaction beyond words can express. In other words, it has motivated me to find ways to enhance my skills and knowledge to grow as an adult nurse. In the search for more opportunities for professional development and to continue my role in care I joined the NHS trust as a nursing assistant in Post Anaesthesia Care Unit in 2016. Working in the hospital environment was entirely different and I have taken every day as a learning curve. I have undertaken all the essential mandatory training to continue in the role to provide comprehensive care to patients and to assist nurses in their jobs. Basic life support, Infection control, safeguarding, and Blood transfusion awareness for nursing assistants are only some of them. I have had the opportunity to work in different areas of the department. Having the chance of working in the theater holding bay boosted my skills in prioritizing, liaising with different wards and team members, and in providing psychological support for patients in wait to have surgery. As well as working collaboratively with different professionals in different areas enabled me to become an excellent team player. Coming from a foreign background and in the right circumstances, I have had to work and interact, and strengthen my skill in communication and I have the confidence, these skills will help me in today’s multicultural nursing. My caring experience doesn’t come to an end in the hospital, I have volunteered to support and care for an elderly couple in my neighborhood, especially during this pandemic whilst their families are not able to be there for their support all the time.

The shortfall of nurses and frequent prompts from my colleagues and appraisers lead me to make a move to search for opportunities to become an adult nurse. I possess a Degree in Commerce, and I also have completed functional skills in level 2 in Mathematics and English.

Nursing care consists implementation of art and science through scientific research, hypothetical ideas, cognizant promise to the art of caring as the backbone of nursing, and intentional endeavors to incorporate caring practices during each nurse-patient contact. Therefore, structured training and practice are essential to achieve my desire to be a registered nurse. I believe nursing is an ideal profession for me. I can utilize all my academic skills, and knowledge I have achieved to serve the community I live in. Coming from a foreign background, I have a lot of skills and knowledge that I can apply to this profession and with the ever-growing demand for nurses in this country.

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