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The main aim of writing this Statement of Purpose is to Pursue a Master in Public Health Program from one of the most popular universities in the USA. Here in this statement, I am presenting you the list of my academics, personal background, qualities source of inspiration, and objectives, for graduate studies. I am well prepared personally and academically. I would be especially honored if I were selected for your distinguished Master in Public Health Program at your prestigious university.

Moving to my Academics, I completed my Bachelor of Business Pharmacy from VAAGDEVI COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, which is affiliated with KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY in the Year 2019 First division. I completed my 12th standard from S.R. JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR BOYS which is affiliated with the TELANGANA State Board of Intermediate Education in the year 2015. I completed my 10th standard at JSM HIGH SCHOOL, which is affiliated with the Board of Secondary Education in the year 2013. Coming to my work experience; I worked as a CLINICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE in MBAY PHARMA LABS from 03 June 2019 to till date. Some of my job responsibilities include creating, implementing, and maintaining clinical trials. Writes protocols, case report forms, and consent forms. Recruits and selects investigators and ensures good clinical practices are followed.

During my job, I realized that I should upgrade my qualification for better career development. I generated an idea to continue my further studies abroad so that I can get international education, experience, and exposure. I discussed this educational goal with my parents. As my parents liked my career uplifting decision and they further agreed to support me, I firmly decided to achieve my higher degree abroad

As I’m interested in public health issues, health policy, and management. A Master in Public Health is the best relevant course for me with the help of which I will have ample career opportunities. Later on, my reach started to which country I should go for. I choose the United States of America as an American degree is well recognized in India and all over the world, and it is fast becoming a preferred destination in terms of education among Indian students. American Universities are of high standards and offer an educational experience that makes a real difference. American unique kind of education and learning style encourages one to be innovative, creative, and think independently. Degrees from America are very successful in finding jobs and holding prominent positions worldwide. Graduates from American schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the American education system. This system is carefully regulated by the American government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country. Diversity in Institutions in America offers a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field that are right for them. Technology in America one of the most appealing aspects of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. America is at the forefront of new technology and innovations.

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Public health is a division of the health field that focuses on populations, prevention, and health promotion rather than individuals and treatment of medical conditions. Public health professionals work to prevent health conditions from occurring or re-occurring by implementing educational programs, creating policies, providing services, regulating health systems, and performing rigorous research. The main goal is to both prevent illness and disease and help individuals adopt healthy behaviors.

I’m interested in learning the social perspective of public health skills, knowledge, and practice and I want to pursue a career in public health. Masters of Public Health is an innovative course that will offer an array of career opportunities. Since the population is growing exponentially, high demand is expected for public health professionals. Also, public health professionals make a difference in the community as a whole.

When I will complete my degree in Master of Public Health I will find myself a better-skilled professional person. I will have different options after doing this course. They are as below:

  • Public health is a broad field, so job opportunities are diverse and plentiful. Public health professionals work in many different areas, such as communicable diseases, biostatistics, epidemiology, health education, health policy and management, and environmental health. They also work in varied settings, like governmental organizations, community-based agencies, non-profit entities, schools, and medical facilities. Public health professionals come from an array of backgrounds and can specialize in many different fields. Examples of possible career titles include environmental health specialists, public health policy advisors, public health teachers, social workers, and biostatisticians.
  • Public health has a positive job outlook. Employment of public health professionals is expected to grow significantly due to the need to reduce healthcare costs and respond to global issues, such as potential pandemics, bioterrorism, and air and water pollution. Additionally, increased public awareness of public health and wellness has sparked corporate and government support for a variety of prevention and education efforts, like tobacco use, obesity, diabetes, diet, and workplace safety.
  • Opportunities in various other public health career fields are also expected to increase significantly in the next decade. As the costs of health care continue to increase significantly, many organizations are looking for ways to reduce expenditures, and public health efforts to provide education and resources are a favorable way to prevent illness and disease.

After completing your master’s program, I hope to begin working in the planning department of a large institute, such as a hospital or other enterprise. I hope to contribute to strategy formulation, product planning, and promotion, as this would be an ideal way to accumulate experience and hone my organizational and logical skills. I am interested in the work of a planner, as this relates to the work. Therefore, after getting sufficient experience, I will return to my country, integrating our internal resources such as community care, institutional care, and medical care. I believe that, with my assistance, we can share human resources and reduce costs, becoming much more efficient and productive in the process. If I am to accomplish these goals, however, I know that I must acquire much more advanced knowledge of management, which is why I sincerely hope to have the chance to join your master’s program in the near future.

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