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Building student-teacher relationship:

I am working as an elementary school educator near to National public school that belongs to a rural area.

Critical thinking skills are always very important for building student and teacher relationships. Being a teacher when I entered first time in my school it attracted me. I reached 7:00 a.m. in the school on my very first day. I met with the staff and attended the morning assembly. After assembly, I went to my class where I found different faces of the kids with the different questioning-natured students. Some of them were passive and the rest of them were active.


I started an introductory session in my class and I introduced myself to them. After my introduction, I asked each and every student to introduce themselves one by one. Then I started my first day with the English language and I communicated with my students in English. I was surprised to hear their responses. From the introductory session, I noted some points that made me able to think critically. Those points are discussed as follows:

    • When I was speaking in English some of the students were hesitating to speak English in the class.
    • Some of them were feeling shy.
    • Some of them were not able to speak in English at all.
    • Some of them couldn’t understand what I was questioning them.

When I asked some questions from them in their mother tongue they replied very quickly and without hesitation. That was the first critical incident I faced when I entered my class on my very first day. The main reason for me to be surprised is that these kids had 5 years of schooling experience (Class -V) why they were not able to answer my questions.


Then I reflected on my kids’ behavior by analyzing and evaluating it.

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First of all, I understood the events that happened in my class. By myself. With the help of my critical thinking and according to my perception understanding critical incidents involves the following two stages.

    • Stage 1- Describe the indent (What, how, and why)
    • Stage 2- To explain the meaning and explain the main issues.

On the other hand, I can say that in simple words I analyzed the behavior of my kids, their family backgrounds, and their strengths and weaknesses. I simply managed to know all those aspects that can be the cause of a student’s low level of confidence.


    • After observing the above incident I started to develop an environment in which they can speak freely and independently and also can share their own experiences and new ideas with the teacher present in their class and also with their fellow students.
    • I tried to overcome their shyness by arranging them into groups where they could share their ideas among themselves.
    • After arranging them in groups I assigned a task for them to read a story on a specific task and after reading it they had to tell some points that they had felt in their assigned topic related to it. The basic function of this assignment to them is to make them able to think critically. Keeping this fact in mind a critical thinking aspect can be applied here.
    • First of all the students to whom I assigned the task in groups they have started thinking critically and had discussions in the groups with each other. After the discussion, they raised their hands to tell us that we had done the discussion and now we are ready to discuss with you (Teacher). When I listen to them freely and provide them with a friendly environment this will help a teacher to create a strong and friendly relationship between his or her students and the teacher.


After the whole scenario and observing the critical incident that happened in my class I came to the conclusion that if it happens sometimes in your class you just don’t bother it and take it as an easy way so that you can sort it out by thinking critically and also help your students to think critically.

When I managed the class in a descriptive way the students were not feeling shy and were taking part in the whole activity enthusiastically and voluntarily. They improved their speaking skills and this helped them in increasing their level of understanding.

When a teacher provides an environment in which they can talk freely and in which they don’t hesitate to share their ideas with the teacher and their fellow students as well it will help them in eradicating their shaken level of confidence and can boos their energetic skills.

In the end, I would like to conclude that my critical incident hypothesis worked very well and I feel proud that I made my students able enough to think critically and find the solution to their problems by themselves through their own ability of self-help and thinking.

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