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While watching a single TV show can be tedious, people still find solace in it. One show that has successfully managed to impact people positively is The Oprah Winfrey Show, an American talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. TVs were initially intended to inform without focusing much on the viewers’ engagement. Notably, Oprah Winfrey Show changed this perspective as content was extended from merely new reporting to telling shows that reflected people’s lives, making viewers feel part of the televising. The role of TV expanded from just informing to entertainment, resulting in people developing program preferences based on their gratifications. Even though watching TV shows has been currently linked with problems, such as mental breakdowns, it has proven to be advantageous. This essay discusses how viewers can benefit from watching a specific TV program referring to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The first advantage of watching a TV show is that the viewer can learn a new culture. People are increasingly finding reasons to interact globally in this age of technological advancement but are limited due to cultural diversities. Importantly, people interact better when they merge cultures to understand each other’s values and norms effectively. Programs enable viewers to learn about a place and its way of life, without necessarily going there physically, a move that would be expensive. Also, one does not have to go through a series of boring classes trying to learn about a place. Instead, he can enjoy learning while being entertained by watching a TV show. For example, consider a learner writing a paper the hip-hop culture, yet he cannot afford to have a chance to interact with the artists. Here, he can watch Oprah’s show, particularly when she is interviewing celebrities, and learn one or two about the hip-hop culture. For instance, he can how the artists shoot their projects. Besides, learning about a new culture helps in avoiding stereotyping that usually results in negative perceptions. For instance, after watching Oprah interviewing an artist, the learner will learn that people should be sensitive when addressing celebrities; instead of shaming them.

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Importantly, a specific program can be a resourceful center for learning critical life values. Viewers’ gratifications of televised content enhanced from news to aspiring to get inspired to be successful morally and materially. An excellent example is when a parent wants to learn how he/she can handle a rebellious teen. Notably, shows nowadays focus on using content to portray valuable life lessons instead of just entertaining. Viewers can then draw the show’s insights and apply them to their lives and achieve their life objectives. Oprah is known for talking about her life and it has shaped her to be successful. An excellent example is when she talked about the strenuous relationship with her mother because she abandoned her entire life. Here, parents are expected to use Oprah’s experience to learn to relate well with their children to avoid animosity between them. They learn tips for being loving yet strict parents to their children, ensuring that they (the children) become resourceful adults.

Lastly, watching viewers benefit from watching shows like Oprah by strengthening familial bonds. In a world where people have to work to attain financial stability, people tend to have less time to spend with their loved ones. Even those who are not working, like children, are unavailable because they are busy doing empowering activities like schooling. Notably, TV programs grant people time to connect amidst their busy schedules. Imagine a family following Oprah keenly and would risk failing to complete their daily tasks to be home on time to watch. In this case, the members can do fun things like laughing together and conversing regarding the show’s development. As a result, they can manage to boost the love they have for one another. For example, if a husband and his wife were having a feud, the conversation and the laughter from watching the show together will help kill the tension, enabling them to solve their issues amicably. Significantly, a family’s togetherness brought by watching together benefits the viewers by ensuring that they lead a healthy emotional life filled with affection.

Indeed, the Oprah Winfrey Show focuses on bettering viewers by equipping them with tactics for living a fulfilled life. The viewers also draw values that enable them to interact with others, a vital component in their lives since they are prone to affection effectively. The program plays the normal happenings, enabling the viewers to reflect on their lives and improve where necessary. Even though watching may be harmful, viewers are responsible for what they grasp from the programs. A viewer is entitled to decide whether a program benefits him/her depending on his gratification. Similarly, the show creators are also responsible for ensuring that the delivered content is rich with aspirations and can challenge viewers to aspire for greatness.

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