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Ott’s argument is that young Americans lack patriotism and dedication to the common cause and should be required to serve on years of unpaid work, benefitting the country. Although I agree with Ott’s position on the shortcomings of young Americans. I disagree that one year of unpaid service is necessary. Rather, mandatory community service should be limited to a month, or pay the students for work in the time given. An example of why I disagree with Ott’s argument that service to the community should be mandatory, is not all people are fit to do so. In other words, I think it’s absurd to force students to do work that is almost looked upon as a punishment, even though I agree with Ott that this generation is lazy and needs to learn how to be independent and work hard, not all people can fit into doing work for a whole year. What if you planning on going to the military, which is already serving the community or country, or are trying to pursue an education or trade? To connect Ott is on the right track, but one year of unpaid service is absurd.

Doing a month of service, or a given amount of time of paid service sounds reasonable. For example, doing a month of service would demonstrate that you helped the community, and are capable of being independent, and working to contribute to society. Students could also have a given amount of time that’s paid. I don’t know many people who would work for free unless it was an internship or a trade they were trying to pursue, but if you get paid for doing work that’s different. Paying students to do work seems like the Ideal option, because not only will they be doing service, but they’ll also be gaining skills that could be useful while getting paid. Money is a huge factor because it motivates people to want to work, and by doing that you teach the kids a lesson while helping the community.

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Going back to Ott’s argument that kids are getting lazy, and don’t know how to work for what they get. I agree with Ott, this generation needs to be more appreciative. Kids today are given everything to them for free, whether it’s a brand-new phone, clothes, or a new car. If you ever had to work hard for an amount of time for something you want, and put in the work to acquire that item, it teaches you a lesson. That’s where I agree with Ott, Once you stop getting everything handed to you, you appreciate your belongings more. An effective way to make kids work help serve the community and work hard rather than handing them everything for free like a phone, and making them work for it.

To conclude, I don’t agree that students should be forced to serve, but they should have to work for their belongings or be introduced to real work to make them more appreciative of things.

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