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  As I grew up, like all the other traditions we had daily family dinners at our house. Till this date, when we all sit down to eat everybody gets a chance to share or talk about anything to the head of our family. Conversations at the dinner table do have their qualities, and it also differentiates itself from all the other talks. Several days ago, my grandmother who recently just visited her son (aka. My uncle) in India, informed us about how my uncle has a hold on his immigration application for the United States. Questions, back talks, different opinions, and points of view were going back and forth at the dinner table. From the immigration law and policy to living one’s American dream, all of it was addressed extensively, and those who had strong opinions about certain things would mention it as well. Not more than twenty minutes at most, rhetoric and persuasion were used purposely, while this discussion took place. While on the other side, I had my perspective on this topic as well as the reason that I am an immigrant and I keep myself updated with the news between these two countries. Meaning, of course, being an immigrant to this country is not at all easy, and they do sacrifice so many things. I believe that Immigration is a major benefit to the United States because the majority of the time Immigrants do work that probably most Americans do not want to do, and they also give ethnic and religious diversity. All these issues and several other things were brought into consideration to look at everyone’s basic perspectives and their arguments. However, Burke’s “pentad” rhetorical framework is an effective analysis of this kind of rhetoric event in five main parts which are “scene”, “agent”, “act”, “agency”, and its “purpose.”

To begin with, Immigration is the fact that my father and I got into a conflict about what was the reason behind them putting a hold on the immigration process. My father believes that the reason behind the hold on the applications was the overpopulation in this country, and he stated other facts about the tax economy. Most of the time, I was trying to convince him about what could be the reason behind the workers closing the immigration process. For example, last year H1B visa holders were denied – including the skilled immigrants under Trump’s administration. In my opinion, being an immigrant to the United States is not at all easy for several reasons and one of the major reasons is the culture and the language. I am an immigrant, and I moved here four years ago, it was difficult for me to adjust to all these people in a whole new environment. However, on the other side, I do not believe that people should enter illegally enter the country since the Legal immigrants who come here, undoubtedly bring positive progress to the United States.

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In one of Burke’s works which are named, “Introduction: The five key terms of dramatism.” He wrote that we must use five concepts as the theory while investigating our work. I have mentioned earlier about the five main parts of the Burkes pentad rhetorical framework. One of the five concepts was the agent. It tells us who was involved in the character, and in this case, the agent was me because I was trying to give reasoning to my father on why they should allow the immigrants and told him how there might be some things that exist in the United States because of the immigrants. We would have to give up on our cell phones. Apple is one of the most successful companies in the United States; in fact, all over the world. It would have not existed without immigration as the CEO and the co-founder of this company an immigrants. The second concept was the purpose; the purpose here was for what reason and why I acknowledged my father with this situation, as in what was the reason behind it. The reason behind me stating out facts and giving my point of view was to tell my father about that topic or I can say that I made sure that he understood what all I knew about this whole situation. For some obvious reasons, the only cause why that motivated me was the background I come from. As per my research, my ethnicity, people were the only people whose visas got denied for some unclear reason last year.

Pursuing this further, the third concept was the scene, which means the setting of this event. In this case, for most of the part, the scene is my family and me discussing this topic at the dinner table. My grandmother and my grandfather are citizens of this country, and they do not believe fully in immigration based on other visas except for family which is the file Form I-485. All the rules and regulations have been changed about the immigration system after the 9/11 incident and it does relate to this event as well. I came across a journal article which is titled, “9/11 and Immigration and Policy”, it talks about the immigration system and its policy post-9/11. In the bold letters to capture the reader’s attention, it states that “controlling entry into the United States” and also states that “soon after 9/11, the federal government tightened the process of issuing temporary visas to tourists, the business issuing overseas post and at ports of entry in the United States.” (Deepa Iyer, Jayesh M. Rathod) This quotation says it all because one of the major reasons why the immigration policy has been changed was after the 9/11 incident. Also, there have been a lot of controversies about this topic in several countries.

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