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The novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood, is based upon a totalitarian society that treats women as property and takes their civil rights away from them, forcing them into sexual servitude to replenish the population. The book has been turned into a Hulu original series that shows a view of a totalitarian society within the United States. However, the author wasn’t completely faithful to the book and many points differed between the book and show.

Within the book, one of the main characters, Moira, takes hostage one of the aunts from the house to escape. Moira planned to try to escape Gilead for the 3rd time and cross the border to freedom. Unfortunately, Moira got recaptured as she was close to the border and was declined the option of going to the Red Center. She became useless to the House of Handmaids and only had choices of being sent to the colonies or becoming a prostitute at Jezebel’s.

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Within the show, Moira and Offred plan this escape together. In the beginning, Offred starts talking to Moira through the bathroom walls as Moira scrapes something into the wall with a sharp tool. Moira then explains to Offred how she’s ready to get out of the house of horrors. Eventually, they both take one of the aunts, hostage with the sharp tool and tie her up to a pole in the basement. Moira steals the aunt’s clothes to pretend to be an aunt to leave the premises and Offred stays as a handmaid. They leave the premises and reach the train to cross the border but the security of Gilead catches and pressures Offred in her act. Offred freezes and is afraid, but Moira doesn’t know what to do being that the train has just arrived. Also, hesitated if she should get on or not. However, Offred signals with her eyes and a head bob saying Moira can go off and forget about her because she’ll be okay. Moira leaves on the train and Offred is taken back to the house and is whipped afterward by the authorities of the handmaid house.

The difference between the show and the book impacted the overall story. The story was impacted by the extra plot twists and characterizations within the show that were differentiated from the book. The producer of the show didn’t stay completely faithful to the show because he thought it needed to be more modernized and relatable to today’s world. The author wrote the book based on an older time, a totalitarian society. She was inspired by her life of living through the Cold War in Berlin and helped create the society of Gilead.

In conclusion, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is based on a dystopian society that forces women into fertility for the wives of the commanders. Overall, the events within the show were faithful but also portrayed different points plot from the book that impacted the story but fulfilled the goal and message of the storyline.  

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