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Through this metaphor, Pi is describing his work as unsatisfactory. He is not happy with what he does for a living. Comparing a tie to a noose shows readers how one’s job can destroy his/her life let it. This metaphor is referring to Pi being in the ocean, literally, and being bobbed up and down. He is describing how his thoughts of his trauma are vast and devastating for him. This assists the reader in imagining Pi’s memory as a broad ocean having no end and, at certain times, succeeds in intimidating him very much. According to Christianity, the Virgin Mary is Jesus’ mother. In artwork, the Virgin Mary and other Saints are often represented in a halo of light. I think this metaphor has two meanings, for I believe the orangutan is a metaphor for Pi’s mother, too. Comparing the orangutan to the Virgin Mary shows Pi’s emotions after perceiving her. Lord Vishnu is a god in the Hindu religion. He is a part of its trinity.

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Out of his many forms, being half-fish and half-human is one of them. Vishnu is believed to be the protector of the world. Thus, when the flying fish swarmed the boat, Pi supposed it was God himself, in fish form, who had come to safeguard him. Based on the Christian faith, the Jews made Jesus wear a crown of thorns to ridicule him and torture him before his crucifixion. Pi describes himself being teased by his peers as equivalent to Jesus’ crown of thorns. This lets us see how bad the humiliation was for him and how he felt. In this example of verbal irony, Pi is being sarcastic that the boat could have capacitated more. With only three onboard, himself, a tiger, and a hyena, he doesn’t have sufficient room to stay. The quote stated here is an example of a different type of irony, situational.

No one would not expect that the thing that causes the most fear would also be calming. The tiger, the creature who continually intimidated Pi, soon became a great companion for Pi. This proves that Pi is able to take problems and turn them into something good, maybe even as a spiritual gift. This quote helps to show readers a general outline of Mr. Kumar’s beliefs. He is an atheist, for he describes religion as “darkness” and science as “clarity.” Although Pi is a very religious boy, he understands atheism as a different type of faith. This proves that Pi is understanding and accepts others, except for agnostics, for he can never live in doubt. Pi’s descriptions are very vivid. They are both visually and emotionally detailed. This shows the readers that the vision was of great value to Pi. It brought him a feeling of immense beauty and love.

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