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Mechanical engineers have an immense role in today’s society, and they have lots of obligations in helping better the ways we live. Mechanical engineers intensely rely on computers to complete tasks such as creating simulations and testing new machinery before it’s released to the people for public use. The median pay and yearly salaries are quite high, and the job outlook is expected to continue to rise as the years go on. This career field may not seem that interesting or important, but without it, society would not be able to function how it is today. To this day, engineering remains one of the most important career fields in the country as it is what keeps the operability of the country running properly and the economy stable.

Mechanical engineering has been seen to rise in demand in the past years and has been predicted to do so shortly. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career is expected to increase in demand by 9% before the year 2026 due to so many new technologies and innovations in various career fields such as the medical field and aerospace industries (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). Statistically speaking, the amount of workers in this field is lowering as people are not entering this career, however, this job is one of the most needed in the country as it is what helps other professions continue to strive. Therefore, due to the shortage of trained people in this profession, the requirements for being in this field have become easier to fulfill. Nonetheless, there is still a list of requirements and expertise needed for this occupation, which is why many people do not go into it, yet if a person does choose this path for their career they have a good chance for success and stability in their life (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019).

The requirements needed to be a mechanical engineer include a multitude of different requirements and learning experiences than people typically believe. Recent studies have reported that “a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is necessary for most entry-level positions in the field”, however, “students may also choose to complete a two-year pre-engineering degree and find related work as a mechanical drafter” (

In all, it is four to seven years depending on what level of mechanical engineering you would like to enter into. There are many different types of mechanical engineers and many diverse occupations you can enter into with the degrees you earn after the years of college. Though this may seem like a lot, in the long run, these certifications will ensure that your future is sufficient and help people be able to meet all their financial and basic needs. (MitMechE, n.d)

Generally, mechanical engineers work in office settings or shops and they work with the building, testing, and developing innovations (Mechanical Engineers, 2019). The median salary for this career is around $87,370 a year, which is enough to be more than comfortable in your life alone or with a family. This career is one of the most diverse fields of engineering, there are so many things that people can do with the training and experience they get from mechanical engineering and it offers so many different paths that they can take till they finally find one that they truly like. Though this may take a few different jobs and a couple of tries, in the end, it works out and helps people tremendously. People have to love the job to work efficiently and this career provides opportunities to find the one job that people do not always dread coming to. (Mechanical Engineers, 2019).

The training needed to be a mechanical engineer can lead to many other careers and help keep many other job types functioning. Such as the automobile industry, the medical field, and software businesses, mechanical engineers are what ultimately keep them running while their demand for new products keeps the need for mechanical engineering high. Businesses such as those are always looking for innovations but can not always do all the work because they only know some parts which are where the mechanical engineers come in and finish off their vision and help their dreams come to life. People in the field of mechanical engineering are extensively and routinely responsible for playing enormous roles in creating and innovating though they are not always recognized for their help other industries would struggle a lot without the engineer’s help in creating the products (Bureau of Labor, 2019).

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Mechanical Engineering has always been one of the most needed occupations. Though it is not the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they think of a good paying and stable job, it is something that has always been there. They are one of the biggest factors in making the Industrial Revolution possible. The Industrial Revolution created an emergence for innovations to be made which increased the need for mechanical engineers immensely, inventors of the revolution needed engineers to create the inventions they had planned. Though they are not always recognized for their importance a lot of things would have never been possible without them, and the world we live in today would be much different than how it is now.

According to an article written by career explorers, mechanical engineers have distinct personalities (sakuno, 2019). Some recurring traits that they seem to have are, curiosity, independence, realism, determination, and reliability, though they do have similar personalities this job requires uniqueness which is why this field is so diverse. To keep this occupation progressing new ideas and methods of creating new products and inventions are needed or else everything would always be the same. The diversity in this field of work makes mechanical engineering unique in itself and pushes it further as the years go on.

Though this job is a very good paying job people can not do it just for the money. People must enjoy and be able to solve complex problems they are innovators at heart and they want to see the world grow and get better by making others’ lives easier. Yes, the salary is more than sufficient and would provide more than enough for a family to be able to live comfortably, but that is truly not enough of a reason to pick this profession, they must have the skills and mindset of an engineer to do their job efficiently. Which takes more of a push and drive than most people have. People have to be open-minded and able to take criticism that comes with the innovations and designs of the products that they have developed.

Take a look at the things you see during everyday life, without mechanical engineers much of what is around you would not be there, or would not be as advanced as they are and have become in this day and age. Things such as computers, phones, cars, and many other things would not be a possibility or even a thought. According to an article written by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are the key to innovation and progression in today’s society, by analyzing problems, designing and redesigning mechanical devices, investigating equipment, developing and testing prototypes, analyzing test results, and manufacturing devices they become the main factor in creating new things for all of society.

Finding a job in mechanical engineering may be easier than finding jobs in other professions due to higher demand but it also takes a lot more dedication and time to get to a place where they can get into a long-lasting good job. A good education and an actual desire to do and finish work a necessary factors to be a successful mechanical engineer they must be a very hands-on person. The nature of the work is very inclusive of people who can apply mathematics and provide solutions to technical problems in our society. The discoveries that are made by mechanical engineers create the connections between scientific and commercial needs in the country to meet the supply and demand of today’s growing economy. They are responsible for things as simple as the spoon people eat with to the car they drive every day, life would be immensely changed without the authenticity of each person in this career and the mindset, creativity, and unique thoughts that they bring to the job. Approximately 226,000 people in the U.S. alone are certified and licensed mechanical engineers and still the demand for new people for this occupation is very high. Which goes to show how greatly important they are to society.

This profession is a very diverse one, many may think this is a job for a man but according to statistics about 9.8% of people in this job are female and 91.2% are male. Though men are the majority, there is a tremendous amount of women in this profession, and not only are the many women but also many different ethnicities which is an encouraging fact to know that this job is not only made for one kind of person, you can find many different types of people and ways of life in this profession. Which they use to their advantage in applying their ideas to today’s society and knowing what people need.

In Conclusion, mechanical engineering is an unquestionably adequate choice of career. This is a much-needed and in-demand occupation in today’s society, without it so many things involving innovations would not be possible. Though they may not come up with the ideas that eventually become inventions they are the reason inventor’s visions can come to life and in the end, they are the reason society can progress so quickly and efficiently. The people that choose this career are what keep the country running and the economy constantly growing Without them, the world we live in would be so much different than it is today. Our lives, in general, would be so much different and honestly much more difficult than what inventors and mechanical engineers have made. This is why this career will never diminish, people are always wanting new things and more advanced ways of living, and this keeps mechanical engineers constantly in demand and on the rise. The pay that is given to them is deserved with a median of $87,370 a year, they are the main reason we can have new and advanced technologies consistently.  

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