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Dear Diary, It is my first day on this mysterious island at least that’s what I assume, I don’t have the clearest idea of how I got here. While walking around I bumped into a kid around my age, his name is Ralph. He didn’t state much, answered my questions in short sentences, and kept to himself most of the time. While talking to Ralph I started to recall how we got here, the last few things I remember were the pilot discussing a nuclear bomb being dropped and a war going on, at that point, flares were leaving one side of the plane and the next thing you know we ended up here.

The thing I’m most worried about is if the boys tease me about my ass-mar (as Ralph calls it but my aunt said it’s pronounced asthma) and my nickname Piggy. Anyway, I’m also anxious because I haven’t seen any adults around. While being around the water Ralph and I came across a conch, I remember seeing it on someone’s wall and whenever he called it his mother would come, this may be extremely useful. We went and picked it up I definitely couldn’t blow it because of my asthma so I showed Ralph how to blow it, but he wasn’t doing it right! He soon then got it and next thing you know all the other boys I remembered from the plane started to pop out. We finally all got together and discussed that we needed a leader and two people seemed right which was Ralph and Jack. But I don’t like either of them, Ralph, because he said he wouldn’t tell anyone about my nickname but he did, and Jack because he just doesn’t seem to like me by the looks he gives me and the words he uses towards me. Well, we picked groups to hunt and explore, and as I thought I didn’t pick for either I was told to stay back and take names which was much more difficult because the little kids were running around everywhere. It’s getting dark and the explorers seem to be coming back, I’ll write the next time I get a chance. Nobody listens to me, not even Ralph who I thought would be my close friend. We were the first ones on this island, after all…. We should be able to talk and be friends and also to teach the other boys the meaning and importance of friendship. My ass-mar is getting worse because I’ve been running behind Ralph, if my auntie was here she would be mad. I am always having to remind the others of the rules of the conch… it’s tiring. I kinda wish more people were like Ralph, but sometimes he hates me because I follow and annoy him. I must be annoying but not that annoying.

Am I annoying? I don’t notice it. Oh well. I’m looking around and I’m so lonely, I have no one besides me on the beach, It’s so hot and sticky and unbearable. Ralph is out looking for fruit, SamnEric taking care of the fire, and I’m just here. They all just leave me here as if I don’t exist. One day they’ll realize that they need me around. If only they could stop picking on me because of my ass-mar, fatness and to top it off, Jack broke my glasses who does he think he is? Even after telling Ralph not to call me “Piggy”, he still does and it annoys me so much. You can’t trust anyone on this island, you never know what they might do. Analytical The novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ published by William Golding in 1954 focuses on a group of British boys standard on an uninhabited island and their catastrophic attempt to govern themselves. Many themes are betrayed throughout the conch. William Golding uses a conch to represent democracy, civilization, savagery, and control.

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The milky-white shell is discovered at the beginning of the story by Ralph and Piggy on the beach and is used to bring the scattered boys stranded on the island together. The conch shell is also used as a symbol of respect and power when blown into it calls meetings and is a kind of microphone that grants the right to speak. The Lord of the Flies consists of many themes and techniques enduring the symbolic key feature in the novel which is the conch. The conch is used in many chapters throughout the novel including this one scene where they make up the rules. In chapter 1 the themes shown are civilization and power. These themes are portrayed when Piggy and Ralph find the milky-white conch and decide to use it like a horn to call all the other boys to have a meeting (“We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They’ll come when they hear us”). After a while, Ralph tries to blow the conch and it ends up working and eventually gets all the boys together (“he laid the conch against his lips, took a deep breath and blew once more. The note boomed again”). In Chapter 2 they realize that in meetings not everyone can talk all at once, so Ralph mentions that every time someone wants to speak they need to put up their hand and then pick up the conch (“I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak”). This rule shows the themes of civilization and power. The theme of power and civilization in the conch represents civil discourse on the island and only works as long as the boys all believe in its power and the necessity of the idea it symbolizes. Another symbol in the lord of the Flies is the pig’s head on a stick also known as the beast. This represents evil and civilization on the island.

The name “The Lord of the Flies” is a reference to the name of the biblical devil Beelzebub, so “the beast” is a kind of savage supernatural figure, but mostly it symbolizes the evil and violence that potentially exists in the heart of every human. This corresponds to the idea that it is a devil who feeds on “decay and panic”. This allows the beast to exclaim his message, especially towards Simon, and then after a while, Simon starts to recognize that “The Lord of the Flies” is the savage monster buried in everyone. When “The Lord of the Flies,” tells Simon “We are going to have fun on this island” it means they’re going to indulge every want and desire, without regard to the rules of civil action. Therefore, I believe that the novel “The Lord of the Flies” consists of many themes and techniques enduring the symbolic key feature of “The Conch” and “The Pig’s Head on the Stick”. It portrays a wide variety of themes to help express the message and point of view of the author. The themes also help connect all the parts of the story to evil, civilization, power, and savagery. Discursive The novel Lord of the Flies is somewhat realistic to a certain view of the readers. This statement is shown through a variety of events throughout the novel. The realistic event shown throughout the novel is when the boys make up the rules for the conch, making rules that tell what people are allowed and what are not allowed to do.

An unrealistic event is when the pig’s head on a stick talks to Simon saying “We are going to have fun on this island” meaning some evil things may happen. When the boys make up the rules for the conch it is considered as a realistic event. When they made rules on holding the conch while speaking it related to many of my experiences, for example in class students are told to put their hand up to speak and to be patient. The conch can link to this experience because the rule was made so all the boys don’t speak at once and so they all have a chance to speak out, to give ideas. When making the rules and trying to be responsible the attempt of civilisation fails because of the lack of consistency in maintaining the orders. Society certainly influenced their choices of making these rules because they hear everywhere that making rules is better. If the boys were not to make these rules they would all be fighting and won’t be organised. For example, if these rules didn’t exist everyone would have conflict. This scene was surely realistic because everyone made rules to set boundaries and not break orders.

An unrealistic event portrayed in the novel is when the “pig’s head on a stick” also known as the beast speaks to Simon saying “We are going to have fun on this island”. This is certainly unrealistic because pigs don’t speak and certainly cannot move whilst there is a stick in their head. Not only this but when the kids push Piggy off the mountain, I feel like a kid wouldn’t do such a thing to someone so young just because they hate him. Another unrealistic event is that the pig’s head on a stick was named after a devil called Beelzebub this symbolizes the evil and violence that potentially exists in the heart of every human.  

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