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In the PA-480 leadership class, I learned about the characteristics, skills, and traits of a leader. The strengths and weaknesses of a leader were also discussed in class. I knew the different styles of leaders and what is the most effective leadership style. In class we looked at leadership studies such as the Ohio State Leadership Studies, Managerial Grid, Situational, Path-Goal Theory, and the University of Michigan Studies, we also answered leadership questionnaires and learned about leadership theories such as The Trait Theory and the Trait Theory by McClelland. I also learned strategies and tools to develop my leadership strengths and weaknesses.

My leader strengths

Before taking this leadership class I had not thought about my strengths as a leader. I didn’t even know that I had leadership strengths and that I could be a leader. I could tell that some of my strengths are Good listening- I am a person who is good at listening to others, I always try to pay attention to what people are telling me so I can understand them well and let them know that I am interested in what they are saying. Empathy- I can empathize with other people by putting myself in their place, for me to easily understand the emotions of others. Integrity- I always try to do the right thing, I don’t like breaking the established rules. Take the initiative- I try to think for myself, I don’t like people to do things for me and I don’t wait for others to do something for me to start doing it. Organized- I have discipline, and I like to do things well and in the best possible way. I always keep my work and study area organized, as well as my ideas and plans. Emotional Intelligence- I do not get carried away by my emotions, I recognize the needs of the team and understand their emotions to use them in favor of the project or goal. Responsible- I am very responsible, I am always on time, I finish my work on time and when I start something, I finish it. Honest- I am a sincere person, I don’t like to adorn reality, I like people to know me as I really am. Constant learning- I always like to learn new things, I am a very curious person who always tries to expand my knowledge.

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My leader weaknesses

Just as I have leadership strengths, I also have weaknesses. My weaknesses are Social skills- I’m not good at socializing, and when I meet someone new, I never know what to say and try to be as quiet as possible. Be distrustful- most of the time I don’t like to delegate an important task or project to someone because I think nobody is able to meet my level of execution. Lousy communication- I am not very good at communicating my feelings I always seem like a rough person. Also, I don’t know how to communicate my ideas in an effective way. Impatient- if I tell someone to do something, I would like them to do it as soon as I give them the task. If someone takes a long time or is very slow in a task or job, I despair and I better do it. Negative- I always think first of the worst consequences of my decisions and actions. Do not ask for help- I like to do things for myself, so I do not ask for help from others even if I need it. Perfectionist- I like that the tasks are done in the best possible way, I don’t like errors or failures. I try to control everything around me. I get too obsessed with things.

Plan to increase my leadership skills

Once my strengths and weaknesses are recognized I have to develop a plan to improve my weaknesses. The first thing I have to work on is improving my social skills. To do this I plan to learn to hold conversations since I usually keep quiet most of the time. Try to look at the other person, give signs that I am listening, talk about something related to what the other person says, show interest in the other person, think before speaking, use more empathy, and know how to handle nonverbal communication, in addition to using a clear, specific verbal language. To improve my distrust of people I have to reduce my feelings of uncertainty in situations and personal vulnerability. In order to improve my bad communication, I must be more assertive and communicate my needs, ideas, and thoughts. Extending my conversation topics will help me to communicate better. Also, not only ask what a person is doing but also the reasons why he or she do it, doing this I can keep a focused conversation. To improve my impatience, I must recognize that I cannot control everything around me, expect the fairness of circumstances and people and learn to control my impatience with breathing exercises. To stop being so negative, I need to eliminate the habit of returning to the same thing over and over again without giving an exit or resolution to useless ideas. Get away from environments and negative people. Increase my self-esteem because insecurity constantly generates negative emotions. Try to see the good things about the people around me. Think positive and focus on solutions, not problems. To learn to ask for help I must know how to select the most appropriate person, look for the right time and situation, and express my needs accurately. To improve my perfectionism, I have to reduce the number of issues in which I want to be perfect. Reduce the perfectionism that I demand from others. Learn to accept failure as part of life and see it as an opportunity to grow and improve. Don’t take things so seriously. Expand my perspective and stop focusing so much on the small details.

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