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Educational leadership is an important process that requires the cooperation of educational administrators, teachers, students, and parents. The purpose of educational leadership is to enhance and improve the education quality and the education system which affects the student’s performance and academic success. Thus in order to accomplish the educational quality, it needs process, material, and training improvements collaborated by different individuals, such as educators, parents, students, public policy makers, and the public.

I had been studying BA. in English (English taught program)in 2006-2011. One year for English preparatory courses and four years for major in English. After my bachelor’s graduation, I have been teaching English at many high schools in Thailand. During my studies and work, I was appointed to the head of academic affairs and the head of the English section. Particularly, when I was appointed to the head of the English section I had to request the cooperation of colleagues which Educational leadership and management also were needed. I ever was requested by a school director to be a vice director of the school but I refused because I thought I had no idea or concept of how to be a leader and how to manage the school and education. A few weeks ago I found that National Chung Cheng University (CCU) provides The International Master Program in Educational Leadership and Management Development (ELMD) thus I decided to apply for Taiwan ICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program. There are many reasons why I would like to study at CCU, Taiwan. First, I want to study Master’s Program in Educational Leadership and Management Development (ELMD) (English-taught program) so that I will know how to practice concerned with the operation of schools and other educational organizations, function for carrying out agreed policy, directed activities towards efficient and effective utilization of organizational resources in order to achieve organizational goals, and operate the educational institutions, and also with their relationships with their environment, that is, the communities in which they are set, and with the governing bodies to which they are formally responsible. Second, I really want to learn Chinese which is spoken worldwide at present. To be an educational leader should be able to communicate in various languages especially the main languages – English, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, and Spain. Last but not least, Taiwan is one of the developed countries including educational leading, technology, cultural enrichment, and democracy where I wish to visit.

I plan to conduct research relating to school management of school administrators: academic management, budget management, personnel management, and general management. I plan to investigate the relationship between education management and education quality of 50 Islamic private high schools in Krabi Province, Thailand

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After graduation, I would like to be a school manager or educational leader who can supervise, plan, strategize, and implement structures to execute an education system. Also, I would like to be an educational leader who can create the vision of students to release no gap between students on low and high achieving student and different socio-economical levels, to create a safe, healthy school environment meaning comfortable, orderly and structured classrooms, and effective learning environment, to empower teachers, parents, and student to take responsibility and accept accountability, to improve continually the instructional methods and curriculum content, and to apply, integrate and implement modern management tools, processes and techniques.

If I get a scholarship to study The International Master Program in Educational Leadership and Management Development (ELMD) at CCU, I organize and plan to reach 3 things. I plan to study and learn Chinese, study and learn the theories and concepts of Educational Leadership and Management Development, and conduct research related to the program. I really like to learn and study languages, Chinese is one of them and I have studied Chinese for years but I would like to learn more. My plan is that even though no Chinese class in the curriculum, I prefer to study it in the class without credit if possible or I would have Taiwanese friends who can always talk with me both in Chinese and English so that I can enhance both language skills and cultural comprehension because languages are the door for gaining knowledge.

I have qualities for the program because I accept responsibility, see myself as primarily responsible for my outcomes, training, and teaching-related experiences, and am self-motivated. Moreover, I find purpose in what I do by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams, mastering self-management, planning, and taking action in pursuit of my goals and dreams. I am interdependent, build mutually supportive relationships that help me achieve my goals and dreams, and have self-awareness. I consciously think, believe, and behave in ways that keep me on course. Moreover, I believe in life-long learning and look for lessons in all of my experiences. I have EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and accept my emotions, but I manage them in support of my goals and dreams. I believe in myself. I see myself as a capable, lovable, and unconditionally worthy human being. All of the mentioned characteristics basically enable and support me to reach the purpose of the program.

I am an intelligent, conscientious, motivated, and responsible person who masters theory and applies it well. I academically excelled among my peers, often explained concepts to confused friends, actively participated during discussions, asked questions to ensure that I had a firm understanding of concepts, and sought additional sources for supplementary problem-solving exercises. My academic and personal achievements show that I am committed to my education and will work hard to achieve my goals. I exude confidence and have a vivid, outgoing, and friendly personality that allows me to get along with others very well in any setting. I have intelligence, sincerity, honesty, and integrity, and independent learner. I am a highly motivated individual with a thirst for knowledge. I would truly be a superior addition to the student body at CCU.

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