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Imaginative Writing

It is the start of the 74th Hunger Games and I have big plans for what I’m going to do to survive in the arena against the other tributes using my skills of words. My name is Peeta Mellark and I’m a tribute representing District 12 in the 74th Hunger Games alongside my female tribute Katniss Everdeen. It is very dark and windy outside, I’m freezing at the bakery alongside my mother, and getting later I have to meet with my mentor Haymitch and fellow tribute Katniss. The Hunger Games is about to begin soon and me and Katniss have been training all day thinking about how we are going to survive out there and what strategies can we use. 2 hours later… I am called up by my Haymitch, and a few seconds later, he gives me a death stare as I approach him, he whispers in my ear “You better not get eliminated before Katniss does”, I begin to feel worried about what he just said. We then all gather at the train station to head to the studio where they are filming the 74th Hunger Games. I leave the room and suddenly I hear an announcement made by the Head of the Hunger Games Seneca Crane that all tributes must get ready as the 74th Hunger Games is beginning in a couple of hours.

I make it into the lobby alongside Katniss and 10 minutes later a large monitor pops up facing toward us and it’s Seneca Crane telling everyone to get in position as the Hunger Games is about to begin any minute now. I grab onto my belt and I start to feel scary emotions pumping through my veins as I don’t want to lose Katniss. This feeling reminded me of the first time I met her, all alone and worried. I won’t let these emotions stop me from being victorious, so I step onto the platform waiting for the countdown of the games to begin, I see other tributes staring at me and Katniss giving us looks saying ‘We’re coming for you’. The games have begun, and I see a whole bunch of loot in the middle by the cornucopia, but then I realize what Haymitch had told me earlier today “Survive till the end”. So, I immediately dash out of there instantly looking for food and shelter in the jungle. Seconds later I ran into a tribute from another district and they were carrying a sharp spear, so I tried to pick a fight with him, but I was no match for him right now, so I delivered a fist to his face and quickly ran away to look for water. I got away with minor cuts to my arm and legs, but I’m going to be alright, right now I’m just focused on gathering weapons for myself and looking for Katniss.

While venturing through the forest I heard noises, so I quickly went to find a bush to hide in and what I saw were tributes from other districts forming alliances, at this point, I was starting to get worried about Katniss because she might be in grave danger as well if she encounters these guys. I’m still hiding here in the bush until the coast is clear, then I take another peek, and then I see that no one is around me, so I quietly step out of the bush wearing my large leather boots. Then I walked across the river to gather some water and then I heard someone yelling ‘HELP!’, it sounded a lot like Katniss, so I quickly ran to her voice just to see that chaos had erupted and it wasn’t Katniss instead it was another tribute, she seemed to be very young and scared. I introduced myself to her ‘Hello my name is Peeta from District 12’, she smiled as I released her from the jungle vines that were dangling her from the tree.

The female tribute seemed to be lost, so I asked her to have you seen a female tribute with long hair wandering around the area. She shrugs in distress and she pulls out 3 berries from her pocket and hands it to me as a reward for rescuing her. Seconds later the voice of a tribute calls out, so I quickly begin chasing up to the voice alongside the other female tribute and immediately I hear Katniss’s voice crying from a distance deep inside the forest. I quickly arrive at the scene and I see a person in a bush covered in mud I can’t believe that I found Katniss, I quickly untie her then seconds later the other female tribute randomly vanishes. I’m just so glad I found Katniss because my plan is coming into phase and she is the reason why I’ll be victorious throughout all outcomes to come.

To conclude this the way, I managed to get through all this despite the circumstances and the problems encountered throughout the journey, I survived long enough to find Katniss. Despite running into a fellow tribute from another tribute, Katniss is safe for now until I gather enough resources to complete what I started from the beginning.

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Discursive Writing

It is Saturday night and I’m at home playing League of Legends with my friends and I’m thinking how people are being treated online, as they are viewing each other through a screen but not real life. Like for example in video games some players can show characteristics of intoxication towards other players or respect and gratitude to one another. I wonder how that differs from real life to online or even prescribed from a book or novel. Now we as human beings are the future of humanity and how eventually the world can differ and change in a course of time as expansions are coming in the next century or so. I’m just unaware of everything that is changing around us without even viewing it personally. I believe the true meaning of humanity is shown when a person is positively showing sympathy towards another person.

3 days later, it is Tuesday morning and I go for a morning jog around the block I see signs and posters all around the area and it is quoted saying ‘Express respect and humility all around’. I then remember that quote from a novel I read a long time ago but I can’t remember which one, but what I do remember is another novel that was written and published a while ago that showed key scenes of humanity ‘The Hunger Games’. In this novel, I remember the main character Katniss Everdeen who showed respect and empathy for another tribute in the novel Rue from District 11 who fought in the 74th and was killed by another tribute. The respect that was shown by Katniss here was the mocking jay symbol represented to honor both tributes who have fallen. After my jog, I head to school and as I walk into class, the other students are having conversations about society changing and the world as it has evolved into something different and unimaginable. About this, I believe that the world has changed all around.

The meaning of a society is a group or small community of people living together to form the purpose of portraying a representation of a response to others. Honestly, it is stupid if someone believes that this type of behavior publicly shouldn’t be recognized and shown around to others. As a prediction for the future of society and humanity changing over time these feelings and words that have been shown now can change in a matter of time as the world has changed with the introduction of technology and social media, which allows people to communicate through a screen online. Honestly speaking, therefore, the behavior of others is rapidly declining, and it is showing by a large margin. As in the text/novel ‘The Hunger Games’ this representation is shown but as tributes are fighting against each other in the arena there is also a level of respect shown for each mostly when someone has achieved a milestone so great that the other must show gratitude towards it as it is an achievement. This is shown from the characters in ‘The Hunger Games’, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen as both show a connection towards one another and how meeting each other has changed them forever especially Peeta and his life before the Hunger Games.

About this, the future of humanity and society varies in The Hunger Games as experiences and connections shown in the novel will never be the same in the future. My thoughts towards the novel ‘The Hunger Games’ is that it is a great book and I recommend it for everyone as the text shows a representative perspective point of view of Katniss Everdeen who continuously struggled throughout her time throughout the games, but eventually, she pulled through despite all the circumstances and the expectations of her District being classified as the ‘underdogs’. As District 12 was considered one of the districts to lose first, motivation was built throughout this and Katniss used it to prove everyone wrong as this is the stage of respect to be shown to the opposition, as she has considered herself as one of the top tributes in the Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. As a reference to humanity Katniss has defied all odds and her representation of this has been displayed throughout the novel to every character.

To conclude this my thoughts and opinion on this topic is that the idea of humanity is to show the difference between someone who is impudent and someone kind and respectful. The difference is that someone respectful towards another person will gain the respect of other individuals easier and the future of humanity will not differ leading up to that point if it remains the same. As for a disrespectful person, society is completely different as people are more uncivil, which may lead to a bad future for the community and everyone else in the world.

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