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In this essay, I will be explaining how Distopya’s conditions and mindsets are fusing into our everyday social behavior. And how they are sociologically being presented today. Status among women and men has evolved over the years in all aspects from jobs to political standings

Historically people have been oppressed since structure and government were designed and put into practice. Women cook and bear children and sit still and look pretty, while men go to war and hold the job as the breadwinner of the family Historically I will be looking at The Revolutionary War and Civil War, Contextually I will be referencing The Divergent and Hunger Games series.

In The Hunger Games, you are born into factions 1-13 the lower your number the higher status you have, And the more resources are available to you, In the hunger games your goal is to survive each other and be the last one standing, Divergent shows all of these ideas of being the last one standing and stand together cohesively except they use a test to determine your place in society instead of just being born into it. are: If you are found to be divergent in your faction you have an almost 100% chance of being killed. A Divergent is an individual who possesses multiple traits from all the factions, Which I interpret as a Human Being. Human beings are complex and anything but clear-cut and one-dimensional But in the world of Divergent Divergents are dangerous because they are unpredictable and hard to manipulate and control the main thing that scares the government of Divergent is that divergents are aware of the subtle puppeteering going on and they are resisting and regain their free will which would throw everything the government created into chaos. Then there are the Factionless. These are the people who failed to complete their initiation into whatever faction they chose and live in poverty, doing the work no one else wants to do. They are the janitors, construction workers, and garbage collectors. They are the ones who make fabric, operate trains, and drive buses. In return for their work, they get food and clothing. They live in places like collapsed roads, and empty subways full of trash and sewage. Because of this, they are often given food and clothing from the Abnegation. It is later found that they have the highest number of Divergent. They wear mixed clothing from other factions. The Factionless also includes elderly Dauntless. The Factionless in Divergent is the book’s representation of homelessness and poverty and implies that the factionless are sub-optimal and are just tools to be used and tossed away like trash when They are living breathing people. In the eyes of some the factionless’s only use is to serve their life no longer matters while to others The factionless matter and they are alive and have meaning and are anything but a tool to be used to create a means to an end, The factionless represent a divide one side loses the compassion and empathy of being a decent human and understanding of self-worth and civil rights. While the other side in contrast Is the last remaining shreds of what it truly means to be a human let alone a decent person. This is the perfect representation of the government today those who fall below the line of society are seen as Worthless even though society claims no one is worthless. If no one is worthless then why does the government act like we are expendable? Money is at its core a green piece of paper with a president’s face on it with a number value, It seems those papers that can be printed relatively easily are worth more than Actual living breathing beings that take years to grow learn mature think and feel and not a single person in history has been documented to be a perfect copy of someone else.

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In this section I will be explaining how The Hunger Games would be the perfect example of The Proletariat and Bourgeoisie; The Proletariat and Bourgeoisie are essentially the haves and the have-nots. In The Hunger Games the lower-level factions would be the bourgeoisie and the upper levels would be the working class proletariat. While Divergent explores the concept of homelessness using the factionless as a representation in the world of divergent, People would rather die than be factionless which leads to the question of whether their life is worth less the others just because they are labeled as homeless the simple answer is no. same could be said for real life in society there’s an underlying subtle idea that the homeless are worth less than everyone else. Divergent and Hunger Games also follow the ideas of Double Consciousness – which describes the feeling that you have more than one social identity, which makes it difficult to develop a sense of self. In the beginning, Katniss and Tris were trying to survive and soon they became the figureheads of Social Reform. A social reform is a kind of social movement that aims to make gradual change or change in certain aspects of society, rather than rapid or fundamental changes. A reform movement is distinguished from more radical social movements such as revolutionary movements. Examples of social reform would be the March For Our Lives along with the MeToo movement and the Rise of Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani teenager who stood up against the Taliban just to get an education. Max Weber then studied the Protestant Ethic Weber set out to understand Western civilization and the development of capitalism, According to Weber, societies influenced by Protestant religions encouraged both accumulating material wealth and living a relatively frugal lifestyle.

Because of this accumulation of wealth, individuals began to invest money—which paved the way for the development of capitalism.

Weber also put forward the idea of the “iron cage,” a theory about why social and economic structures are often resistant to change. Like the 2008 economic crash which showed “everything can change in one second” The crash was correctly predicted but no one listened to everyone was too busy spending instead of investing properly which is why 11 years later we are still trying to regain economic safety.

In conclusion, dystopian ideas are closer than we think.         

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