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The start of Beowulf does not offer much on the topic of whether it embellishes Beowulf’s “code of honor”. What it does show are the events that lead up to believing in his code and why he goes by it, Beowulf’s character in the book is a really relevant character he goes by a “code of honor” he is a strong individual both mentally and physically and he will do anything for at one point, his king and at the end of the story his people, through explaining opinions about Beowulf explain his reasons for living with that code shall be explained and all questions answered. Even though the story is confusing story there are ways to rephrase parts and get an understanding of what is going on There are great battles that Beowulf goes through and thus throughout the story he himself understands the “code of honor” he has been trying to get through the book.

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It is at the start of this story that Beowulf a great young warrior meets Hrothgar the king of Peatland where he is under the terror of Grendel an evil entity that threatens their land and causes mass mayhem, “Then Beowulf speaks—on him the armor shone, the mail-shirt linked by the skills of the smith: Hail to you, Hrothgar! I am Hygelac’s kinsman and devoted thane; already in youth I have done many glorious deeds…” he showed bravery from a young age not yet understanding what all this meant he showed courage and leadership, he showed that he was born noble by declaring his name and who he was loyal to. He then goes on to declare his own heroic actions

The author of Beowulf made the decision to have Beowulf, almost disappear in some parts of the book, but he does appear it always wakes up the seen for example take into account the many scenes where he did acts of heroism, “No, we two in the dark of night shall forego the sword, if he dares to seek war without weapons, and then may wise God, the holy Lord, judge which side will succeed, which one will win glory, as to him seems right.”. Before Beowulf goes and battles Grendel, he had a meeting with his men he instructs his men that Grendel is known for fighting in a “fair fight” way, no weapons, this helps beowulf in a way understanding and start to realize his “code of honor”. The author describes Beowulf as a Christian heroic figure who trusts in god and thus has the glory and will fight to win.

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