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According to an article in September 2019, the number of deaths due to dieting has increased. According to research team of professor Teresa Fan, people with excessive diet experience have 31% higher mortality rate than non-dieters. The main causes are nutrition deficiencies and decrease in bone density due to dieting around the age of 20. A carbohydrate-restricted diet and starvation diet are one of those diet methods. According to CNN, starvation diets began to become popular in Japan in 2001. It is told that the beginning of starvation diet is Islamic fasting. In America, diets that fast every other day were popular. This is a way to alternate between taking excessive calories and not eating at all. This diet method was done by many celebrities such as Beyonce. By disseminating information from celebrities, young people in Japan have imitated. Moderate fasting is told to be good for your health because it resets your stomach, but excessive starvation diet is only bad for our health. Even though people who did starvation diets can get acceptable progeny earlier, starvation diets have some danger effects because it is possible to leads to die and she who did it must gain weight again.

Risk of Life Due to Starvation Diets

There is the possible to die by doing starvation diets, because Japanese young people copy the American starvation diet, but some people was done wrong diet method. They ate nothing for a few days instead of a day. It is told that starvation diets doing for more than 10 days is very dangerous. According to Yu, the behavior after starvation diets is even more dangerous than during starvation diets. It is very dangerous to suddenly eat as usual after not eating anything for a few days, because if a body with very few calories enters a high-calorie body, the body will be surprised and an abnormal change will occur, resulting in death. This condition is called refeeding syndrome. It is said by Asahi shinbun, that a fasting diet (safe starvation diets) that is safe to prevent this from happening is within 10 days, and after do it people must eat softer food such as rice cakes.

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Possibility of Getting a Disease

People who did starvation diets must gain weight again. Starvation diets will definitely lose weight, but of course, eating will increase your weight. Some people are mentally driven down when their low weight suddenly increases. This can lead to mental illness, and there is a possibility of anorexia. Anorexia is two types. First is to eat out because they were frustrated with his weight gain, but vomiting from the gilt that they had overeating. Second is not to eat at all. People start with a light dietary restriction, and can be overly restricted by being praised by others. According to Asahi shinbun, some women weight 28 kilograms at a height of 158 cm. This is a standard weight for a 7 years old 131 cm. Anorexia is very difficult disease to cure, and she has corrected over 25 years.

Adverse Effects on the Future

Even if they succeed in losing weight by starvation diets today, it may have a dangerous mentioned above happen during the diet, but this is an unnoticeable danger. According to Ishikawa, people who did starvation diets and lose weight without danger while young are especially dangerous, because bone is made between teens and 20s. According to Panasonic, there are two main causes of osteoporosis. First, as the weight decreases, the load on the bone decreases. The bones try to strengthen themselves so that they do not lose when load, but this function does not work if the weight is small, so the bones will not become strong. Second, bones cannot be made. Due to starvation diets, nutrients are biased, and there is a lack of magnesium and vitamin D necessary to make bones. Bone that has been damaged once cannot be regenerated, so when people who did starvation diets get old, they may be bedridden due to a fracture.


Most of the people who doing starvation diets want to lose weight easily and quickly. However as describe, starvation diets have many dangers. First is risk of lead to die, second is to get a disease, third is danger of bone in the future. It can understand that young women want to lose weight and that they feel attractive when they are thin. There are many dieting methods in the world, so people who want to lose weight should choose a safe method. There are always pitfalls in a dieting method that can quickly lose weight. People should know this. It is important to spend healthy life than to be thin while having the risk of illness.


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