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Introduction of the Product

Couplet Timekeeper Ring is one of the innovative gadget with various features such as setting a noiseless alarm, GPS tracker, and 24-hour digital timer device. It can transform your waking up style in a very smooth way by not disturbing your partner who is sleeping very next to you. This modern waterproof and convenient device can be advantageous in various other situations, including siblings that share the same bedroom at home or roommates in a hostel or travelers using the same dormitory, and even hearing-impaired people. One of the coolest features of this ring includes setting an automatic alarm along with the rising of the sun by locating you anywhere in the world.

Description of the Product

The product comprises dual flexible rings with a wireless charging pad. The dual ring contains an LCD display that indicates 24-hour digital time. The GPS Tracker of the ring can link with 4 Android phones at the same time. The primary feature of the ring is to provide a noiseless vibrating alarm facility.

Technical Concept of the Product

The charging base of the device has two ring ports where the rings are placed for the purpose of charging without any connecting wires. One of the unique features of this ring includes solar charging which can be accessible in different circumstances and places without depending on the availability of its charging base.

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Distribution Channels of our Product

The primary distribution channel of our product is through our official website i.e. That can make our product easily accessible from anywhere. We are currently in the progress of sourcing retailers in order to enhance sale of the product to expand its markets which will be updated on our official website soon.

Country where our Product will internalize

Reasons of choosing Canada for the proposal of our product:

Canada is included in one of the countries as it has Free Trade agreements with several Nations including Australia (CANATA) and as well as additional global agreements focusing on international import and export. Currently, the country is primarily focusing on technological improvements. The Canadian market (Toronto) is in the top five, based on CBRE’s annual tech talent survey. Therefore, the advanced technology market of Canada will surely welcome our product. According to Consumer Technology Association, most Canadians are always thriving to buy new gadgets thereby making it easier to internalize our product.

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