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Brazil is an immigrant country with immigrants from all over the world, so it focuses on many religious beliefs in the East and West. Brazil used to be a colony of Europe and Portugal. Portugal believed in Catholicism. Later, Brazilians began to believe in Catholicism. Therefore, Catholicism is Brazil’s most important religious belief, and some people believe in Christian evangelicals. Both religions are branches of Christianity. Christianity is the collective name for the various sects who worship Jesus Christ as the Savior, also known as Christianity. In the first century AD, it originated in the Palestinian province of Rome. Christianity mainly includes: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox three major sects and other minor sects.

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The romantic relationship of Christianity exist in the connection of love between Jesus and Christians. We all know that the Bible is the letter of love to us from God While it includes harsh judgments and warnings from God, it also contains expressions of love between man and God. The same kind of love exists among Christians, because Christians also have rituals, such as weddings. A cross will be placed in the middle of the wedding venue, which is the most unique part of a Christian wedding. It is one of the aspects that differentiate Christian marriages from other religions. The cross is also a symbol of faith for Christian. Jesus died on the cross to show everyone his noblest and most selfless love. Wedding is a Christian ritual, a marriage rite, an everlasting bond. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom take an oath to the bible, join together before god and ask god to bless the couple. After the vows and the announcement of the marriage, light the candle of marriage, recite the scriptures and accept the blessings of the witnesses of both parties. Stop at the altar at last, and may god full of love be with us all, now and forever. People said marriage contract can only be broken by death and blood. Christian romanticism is also about compatibility. People share their faith with their partner by going to church, praying, and reading the bible together. This can improve a couple’s relationship. Through the rituals of life you get to know, to open up, to connect each other. Besides that, healthy relationships exhibit strongly shared hopes and values. They will be encouraging and supportive of your significant on their faith journey as well. There was a huge wedding in Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil, in 2014. It is specially organized by the government for low-income groups. The government specially invited Christian priests to preside over the ceremony to bless the new couple from different faiths. The main reason government held this celebration is because many couples who have been living together for several years, or even have children cannot get married because their families are poor. This time, the government not only gave them money to fulfill their dream, but also gave their marriage a legal protection. After the ceremony, the couple can get a marriage certificate issued by the government. This wedding reveals Christianity’s inclusiveness.

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