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Introduction to Fictional Characters and Psychological Disorders

Undergoing a psychological disorder can alter people all around the world on an everyday basis, although has anyone ever wondered if a fictional character from a motion picture, TV show, novel, etc., is engaged with a psychological disorder well. This paper is going to address a fictional character and how she has been diagnosed with major depression. Now major depression for anyone who is not acquainted with this disorder is a psychological obstacle that usually makes people experience profoundly saddening emotions, not want to do anything that they use to appreciate, and thinking low about themselves. The fictional character who is going to be the primary star of this paper is the youthful, pure, high school girl we all love from the Twilight franchise, Bella Swan. It is no shock that Bella would be prone to bearing major depression since she is constantly running around with vampires and werewolves. This paper is going to discuss the background/history of Bella, prevailing symptoms she is experiencing, reasons why she has been authorized with this diagnosis, distinct diagnostic principles exploited, diagnoses that have been ruled out, and therapy or medication that is prescribed that will provide Bella with the support she needs to conquer or reduce the power of her psychological disorder.

Bella Swan’s Background and Emotional Turmoil

Bella, by good luck, felt serene enough to discuss and relive the history of her life based solely on the fact that she is not acting like the same person that she is usually, and she wants to find out why. At the age of 17, Bella moved from Arizona to Washington to live with her father due to her parents acquiring a divorce, and she has wanted a new change of scenery. Life events that can negatively impact people can be the reason for depression to emerge in someone’s life, notably young children experiencing the divorce of their parents. She made new friends right away on her first day of attending her new high school, and she also bumped into someone who would soon become her boyfriend, although right now Bella is disconnecting herself from the rest of her friends by eating by herself in the cafeteria, which is something she used to appreciate doing on an ordinary schedule with her friends, which can also be accounted as an emblem of depression. On her first day of school in Biology class, she met a 17-year-old young man named Edward Cullen, whom she started to date a couple of weeks later after their first meeting with each other.

Bella insists that Edward is a vampire who merely feeds on animals, but she did not go into any more detail regarding her comment on Edward. A year later, Bella claims that Edward and the rest of his family have left Washington for business and that Edward told her she does not want her to be associated with him anymore, which she holds is impacting her emotionally and behaviorally. Bella has begun to stop hanging out with her friends, she is having hardship sleeping (night terrors), she advances to sit in front of her bedroom window for numerous months on end, and fortunately, Bella’s father, Charlie Swan, has caught onto the matter that Bella is not herself and that she needs support to crush whatever is affecting her. Charlie would wake up to Bella screaming in her sleep, and he would have to constantly comfort her for many nights. Bella soon learns that enlisting in risky proceedings helps her feel better, but that is not really helping. As of now, that is Bella’s whole history of the significant stuff that has occurred in her life. Although a lot of symptoms Bella has encountered in the past 2 years have been addressed, it is still important to go into more depth on her symptoms and how they are associated with depression.

Symptoms and Association with Major Depression

Bella has and still is experiencing different manifestations that are associated with major depression. Her ongoing symptoms that she currently undergoes consist of remaining invariably pessimistic, she has a sense of discouragement, has an insufficient interest in things she used to love to perform, has inconvenience sleeping, has attempted suicide, her family has an excessively lengthy history of depression, her hunger has shifted, and she has endured a large-scale life changeable event. She had continually communicated with licensed psychologists about why she is sad, which is because Edward took off when she was in a weak state, and she had no idea whom to turn to for empathy. She has additionally stated that she stares out her window on end for months at a time, reflecting on Edward. She feels hopeless that she will never be with Edward again and that no one will want to love her as Edward did with her. She has little interest in things she used to like to do such, as hanging out with her friends at lunch and going shopping with her girlfriends.

At this moment, all she does most of the time is, reside in her room all day and stare out the window. Every night her father has stated that he wakes up to Bella screaming in her sleep due to night terrors regarding Edward. Formerly, she even went to the extreme and decided to bound off a cliff into a body of water, but luckily, she was not severely harmed. Her father has delved into their family history and has uncovered that Bella’s mother, grandmother, and all great-grandmother have endured depression throughout their life. When she and her father go out to eat at their favored bistro, she does not eat as much as she used to which, her father has commented on.

Lastly, the most likely reason she is behaving this way is that she has sustained a crucial mind-blowing event, which is when Edward left her. For Bella to be psychologically diagnosed with major depression, she must acquire at least five indications of major depression, and as this paragraph, advocates she currently has six symptoms of major depression. Ultimately, for someone to be diagnosed with major depression, they also must be enduring from distinct manifestations for at least two weeks, and Charlie has assured professional psychologists that she has been operating this way for a little over one year. Although Bella’s symptoms are linked with major depression the diagnostic criteria have not yet been discussed in this paper.

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Treatment Options and Recommendations

Psychologists have authorized Bella Swan with acquiring major depression because she seems to be depicting assorted indications that are applied to major depressive disorder, including: experiencing one or mind-blowing crises, sidelining herself from activities she used to treasure to be a part of, she continues to have a complication while she sleeps at night, she has sorrowfully sought suicide once, her family has a long line of depression, and she has not been eating as normally as she has been in the days gone by. Bella’s past is equivalent to her diagnosis because she has experienced two life-changing events that include the separation of her parents and Edward leaving her out of the blue. She has stopped hanging out with her friends at all costs and has alternately chosen to hide in her room multiple hours of the day so she will not have to confront the outside world. Charlie confirms that Bella continues to have nightmares and that she wakes up in a pool of perspiration every night. When Bella was alone one day, she decided to jump off a cliff into the water, but she was fine, and the physicians who were with her in the hospital said that she had some badly bruised ribs.

Charlie has organized some exploration on their family history and has realized that three people, now including four, might have gone through depression, and Charlie has acknowledged that Bella is not eating as much as she used to. Many trials have been conducted on Bella to ensure that she unquestionably is being affected by this disorder. Psychologists have consulted Bella about her physical status/if she is taking good care of her body, asked Bella multiple inquiries about different symptoms she has had and alterations in demeanor and, professionals have concluded that Bella has melancholic featured symptoms of major depressive disorder. As the information intel, there is no better reason why Bella Swan should not be diagnosed with major depressive disorder, although to make sure other disorders have also been investigated.

Now to be confident that Bella is not being affected by another disorder that is comparable to major depression, qualified psychologists have considered other disorders and different symptoms related with symptoms related to depression. Psychologists have studied the symptoms of persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, psychotic depression, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder. Psychologists have overruled persistent depressive disorder because Bella does not show to be experiencing tiredness in fact, she has inconvenience sleeping, no trouble focusing on school, and no unreasonable rage. Persistent depressive disorder is even a temperate, segment of depression but, the fact that Bella has attempted suicide goes to show that Bella unquestionably does not have persistent depressive disorder because if she did, she would not have associated herself with something as dangerous as self-harm. Postpartum depression has been ruled out because Charlie and Bella’s mother, Renee, have guaranteed specialists that Bella has never had a baby, exclusively because she is only 17 so, that rules out postpartum depression instantly. Psychotic depression is not a choice because for someone to be recognized with psychotic depression, that person must suffer from seeing foreign stimuli that are not there and from deceptions, fortunately, though Bella has assured psychologists that she has not had illusions or fantasies of any kind in the past year. Seasonal affective disorder is not a potential disorder that Bella could have because for someone to be diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, they must have the following symptoms: sleeping too much, bingeing, turbulence, or weight gain. Most importantly, Bella’s demeanor has not been in sync with seasons, which is what seasonal affective disorder is. Last but not least, licensed psychologists can rule out the judgment that Bella does not have bipolar disorder because she is not chipper one second and the next melancholy, she is constantly sad so, there is no way she could have bipolar disorder. Now that potential disorders have been ruled out and that Bella has officially been diagnosed with major depression now, she must be either prescribed medication or types of therapy.

Conclusion: The Impact of Major Depression on Fictional Characters

Many potential different sorts of regimen can be wielded to help Bella wrestle with her depression, such as taking antidepressants, associating oneself in psychotherapy, although not all drugs or therapeutics will effectively rehabilitate Bella’s depression. Nonetheless, it might reduce serious symptoms that she frequently faces. The type of medication that would be initially advocated for Bella to take would be what professionals call selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors because it does not provoke as many reactions as other anti-depressants, although if this type of medication does not revamp Bella’s mental well-being in any way, she might need to be advanced to tricyclic anti-depressants, which will most likely generate more harsh repercussions. If certain anti-depressants do not perform themselves, Bella might need to incorporate other drugs. Something that also needs to be taken to thought is that prior treatment taken in the Swan family’s history might reinforce Bella and her depression and that Bella might be hypersensitive to certain types of medications. Now that medications have been prescribed for Bella, it only makes sense that types of psychotherapy should be favored for her as well.

When assorted types of psychotherapy were being looked into for Bella, what was kept in mind was that since Bella is a teenager, she might have an upsurge in dangerous images/natures beyond the first few weeks she is involved in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is adopted to transform unfavorable thinking’s into productive logic, being competent to condone unhappiness cautiously, connecting with other people again, etc. Since Bella has tried committing suicide, it is urged that she stay in a hospital overnight for a couple of days to keep an eye on her. Another choice would be upholding Bella to partake in either electroconvulsive therapy or transcranial magnetic stimulation. Electroconvulsive therapy is recommended for Bella in case she does not react to the recommended medication, and because she has been unsafe around suicide. In conclusion, transcranial magnetic stimulation is recommended for Bella because it should coincide with her nervous classification and standardize her depressive nature.

Primarily after the affairs of major depressive disorder and why the main character from the movie ‘Twilight’ has been diagnosed with depression have been examined in an all well-known, appealing approach, this understanding should illustrate a comprehensive well insight of what it means to have major depression and how much it can flip someone’s world upside down.

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