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For my heritage fair project, I’ll be talking about the inventor of basketball and how his invention became one of the known sports in Canadian history. You’re going to learn about the early life of the inventor, the early development of the game, and much more about basketball in Canada.

The inventor of basketball is Dr. James Naismith, he was born in Ramsey Township Ontario in the year 1861. When he was still a child both his parents died of typhoid fever. So, he moved to Bennies Corners Ontario to stay to live with his uncle Peter Young, along with his older sister Anne and his younger brother Robbie. Though most of Naismith’s childhood he had mostly spent his time playing outside with friends, which developed a passion for sports and a lot of physical activities. He and his friends had played a game called” duck on a rock” ( Duck on a rock was a game where a large ball was on a stone and one person guarded it while other players tried to hit the ball off) often and he had didn’t know that that game would be very useful in the future and became the basis of basketball.

He had Finished Almonte High School in the year 1883. In the fall of that same year, He enrolled at McGill University in Montréal at the age of 21 where he studied philosophy and Hebrew. He graduated in 1887 with a Bachelor of Arts. At a Presbyterian college James Naismith went on to study theology and earned money to pay for his tuition by teaching physical education at McGill, In the fall of 1889 he became the school’s first full-time athletics instructor. In the year 1890, he earned a diploma in theology. Later he decided to be more interested in sports rather than traditional ministry, that same year he decided to leave Montréal and go to Springfield Massachusetts to train as a YMCA Physical Director at the International YMCA Training school. He became an instructor at that school, and that’s where his early Invention began.

At the YMCA training school, Many students and faculty always play and participate in outdoor sports mostly football, soccer, and lacrosse, so sports and physical activities played a pretty big role at the school.

The first game of college basketball was played at Springfield College on December 21, 1891. For the first-ever game, James Naismith secured all the baskets on ten-foot balconies at opposite ends of the court hung up the rules on a nearby wall, and waited for some players to come. He had used a soccer ball to play. During the invention of his game, every day he often recorded his apparatus in his journal. On a couple of days, they played basketball he wrote “I bruised myself arranging the apparatus, all the time watching the boys as they arrived to observe their attitude that day, I felt this was the most crucial moment in my life as it meant the success of failure of my to hold them in the interest of the class and devise a new game”.

There are 18 players on a court, 9 on each team, the first game was very rough because many players were very aggressive and physical. In a radio interview in 1939 Naismith said “The boys began tackling, kicking and punching in the clinches. They ended up in a free-for-all in the middle of the gym floor. Before I could pull them apart, one boy was knocked out, several of them had black eyes and one had a dislocated shoulder”. Then Naismith made and introduced a rule (called travel) that players weren’t allowed to run with the ball but instead dribble. This helped Basketball very well, it helped eliminate the violence in the game.

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That same year they played many games, as someone shot the ball in the peach basket someone would get up a ladder and use a wooden broom to take out the soccer ball but one day, they were playing a game and after the game, Mr. Hudson told Naismith “Its sure slow things down to have to climb up here every time” James Naismith thought of an idea for this problem “Well then, let’s cut the bottom of the basket” “But I need those baskets back” Mr. Hudson replied. He sawed down the baskets so it would be much easier to play. James Naismith made 13 rules for his game, basketball. It has changed over the years since 1891. After those games, he named the sport basketball. On the Springfield College newspaper, the triangle. Naismith posted the official 13 rules public On January 15, 1892.

Many students from Springfield College held the sport with them when they became YMCA instructors at different institutions, which became new to other regions in North America when the game basketball gained a lot of popularity and it still one of the most popular sports to this day. The people who helped establish the game basketball across Canada are (Examples) Lyman Archibald, J. Howard Crocker, William H. Ball. By the year 1900, in YMCA’s and YWCA’s the sport basketball was being played by both men and women all over across Canada, Basketball was also included in many schools and clubs.

In the year 1923, in Thunder Bay Ontario a basketball league was formed, it was called the Canadian Amateur Basketball Association (CABA). CABA was the official governing body for basketball in Canada, assisting with national championships was its main function, but its programs other than both men’s and women’s national championships, now include men’s and women’s national team development; technical development with coaching; official and player certification; youth programs; a hall of fame; educational services; and promotion and revenue generation. In 1973 the organization voted Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur International/Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA) to adopt their international playing rules. CABA was renamed by the 1980’s It was called Basketball Canada, but later it’s now called Canada Basketball. In Canada, basketball is one of the most popular sports basketball around 354,000 youths ranging from 3 to 17 years of age played basketball in the year 2014 making it the sixth most popular sporting activity for young Canadians after the sports of swimming, soccer, dance, ice hockey and skating. For several New Canadian citizens, Soccer was their first option to play and basketball was second.

There are also many Basketball teams and Leagues in Canada. The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) was a Basketball league with seven different teams in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. It was founded on October 25, 2017, by Richard Petko. The team included are Saskatchewan Rattlers, Niagara River Lions, Hamilton Honey Badgers, Edmonton Stingers, Fraser Valley Bandits, Guelph Nighthawks, and Ottawa Blackjacks

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Is a Basketball League in America but it has one popular team that is from Canada named the Toronto Raptors, it was founded in 1995 and won the Excellent National title in 2019. In 2019 it had won the 2019 playoffs and one of their valuable players Kawhi Leonard shot the game-winning shot to play in the next playoffs. Kawhi Leonard was one of the Raptors’ top players, He was a crazy game-winner, his team won a victory over the Philadelphia 76ers by 92-90, and he scored 41 points in that game. Kawhi Leonard went to Pursue his career for the Los Angeles Clippers in July 2019.

The Edmonton Grads was a Canadian women’s basketball team in Edmonton Alberta, it was formed in 1915. They are best known for their many wins and their winning streak. In the year 1922, the Team had already won their first national championship, against the London Shamrocks. In the first game, they won by 49-29, in the second game they played were allowed to use the men’s rules during the game rather than the women  

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