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Two friends

The two boys lived nearby and went to one school, the same college, but later, found jobs in different cities. This was hardly a hindrance to their friendship because they kept visiting one another, continued to talk on the phone to exchange news, and advised each other on all things including girls.

After getting married, they, busy with their families, didn’t notice the ties between them weakening. The friendship that was such an essential part of their lives, faded. They lost touch, though their memories preserved the beautiful moments that they shared from their youth.

Once, already retired, one of the friends felt lonely, and he dialed his friend’s number. It turned out that his friend was truly happy to revive this dear old connection! They had a long chat full of laughter and tears, and heartwarming exchanges. When it was time to say goodbye, they decided to meet at the earliest.

On the agreed day, one friend met the other at the railway station in his town and brought him home. Looks-wise, both of them had changed a lot, but it hardly mattered, since the bond of their friendship appeared to be as strong as ever. After a hearty meal, they talked unhurriedly about the things that used to amuse them when they were young. Gradually they came to the topic of the afterlife.

“If only I could get personal proof of it being there, I would have believed in it at once,” said the host.

“Let’s agree,” his friend replied, “that whoever gets to Heaven first will make sure to send the other a sign!”

They felt very content at having decided so.

The next morning the friend left. Very pleased with his visit, he called in the evening to say that he enjoyed the time they had together. He spoke unusually softly, and then the line got disconnected.

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Five minutes later there came a call from the same number, but this time it was the friend’s wife. “I am sorry to inform you of my husband’s demise.” She said sorrowfully, but quite distinctly.

“How did it happen?”

“He had a stroke, and passed away after a week in a coma, without coming to.”

“When did it happen?”

“Yesterday morning.”

“But yesterday morning…..”

“I am sorry, but I have little time to talk. There are many more people on his list that I need to inform about his passing. Please excuse me.”

She hung up.

How this could all happen was indeed something for the other friend to think about.

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