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Patient-centered care Is being hailed in many areas as revolutionary in the healthcare space. Patient-centered care as defined by The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is the provision of care that respects, and responds to, individual patient preferences, wishes, and values, by ensuring that patient values guide clinical decisions. (Institute of Medicine; Committee on Quality of Health Care, 2001).

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Patient-centered care has had a profound impact on healthcare operations, quality, and results. Physicians and other care providers need to address patient needs effectively by developing good communication skills. Patient-centered care also requires that the health care provider become a patient advocate and strive to provide care that not only is effective but also safe. (Reynolds, 2009) credits patient-centered care for increasing the rate of patient satisfaction, adherence to suggested lifestyle changes and prescribed treatment, better outcomes, and more cost-effective care. Through patient-centered care, the health sector has been moving from care providers simply telling patients what to do, to a system where patients and providers can have discourse and agreement on the best course of action to suit patient needs.

Patient satisfaction is important in a patient-centered care system. There are eight primary dimensions of patient-centered care. ‘Respect for patients’ preferences, coordination and integration of care, Information and education, physical comfort, emotional support, involvement of family and friends, continuity and transition, and access to care (Oneview, 2019). The continued shift towards empowering patients to play an active role in their care plan sees a need for changes in the way care providers are trained on what information patients need access to in order to truly be informed and be comfortable with the care they are receiving. Patients judge the quality of care based on nontechnical aspects, such as practitioner’s communication skills, speed of service, ambiance, and ease of access to needed medical information. The provider now needs to be acutely aware of these factors as they offer services and plan for the future.


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