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Bi: DESCRIBE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT AS SET OUT IN YOUR CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT OR EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT My employment is conditional to a clear CRB disclosure carried out by my employer; it is subject to the employer receiving 6 personal and professional references through a strict vetting initiative. It is essential to drive and carry valid insurance, tax and MOT certificates including business class one insurance.

Any holiday is to be requested a minimum of one month prior to the date and is at the discretion of the manager. Sickness is to be reported as soon as possible to ensure clients visits are reallocated in a timely fashion. I must ensure that during my employment, my outside interests do not engage with a conflicting business to the company, ensure confidentiality at all times, remain loyal to the business and within a six month period of leaving do not solicit business from Home Instead Senior Care.

Bii: DESCRIBE THE INFORMATION WHICH NEEDS TO BE SHOWN ON YOUR PAYSLIP/STATEMENT It will need to include, yours and your employers names, a breakdown of your payment, deductions including PAYE tax, NI and any pensions, Tax paid to date – PAYE & NI, date of pay, tax period, your tax code and NI number. The last details will include your Net pay and state how much holiday you are still entitled to. Biii: IDENTIFY TWO CHANGES TO PERSONAL INFORMATION YOU MUST REPORT TO YOUR EMPLOYER Change of address and change of name (surname if you marry and change it) Biv: DESCRIBE THE PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW IF YOU WANTED TO RAISE A GRIEVANCE AT WORK.

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YOU MAY DESCRIBE THIS IN WRITING OR PRODUCE A FLOW CHART OR DIAGRAM Bv: EXPLAIN THE AGREED WAYS OF WORKING WITH YOUR EMPLOYER IN RELATION TO THE FOLLOWING AREAS; 1. DATA PROTECTION The company will hold details of the employee and clients in both paper and electronic form under the Data Protection Act 1998. This will remain confidential at all times. As the employee I agree in my contract to adhere keep any information confidential at all times regarding client information, only passing on where necessary to the people involved. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary or dismissal. 2. GRIEVANCE

Employers will raise any grievances when necessary in a professional manner and employees are encouraged to raise grievances without fear at all times. Employees and the employer follow the grievance policy at all times. 3. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT When conflict arises CareGivers are asked to not approach the subject in front of clients and to try and resolve calmly, if to no avail they are to seek assistance from a senior member of the team. 4. ANTI-DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICE Employees are encouraged to work in a non-discriminatory manner and to report any issues as soon as they arise. This is for employees, employers and clients. 5.

HEALTH & SAFETY Employees are given health and safety training before commencing work in the community and are encouraged to report any issues immediately. 6. CONFIDENTIALITY Employees are to adhere to the confidentiality policy at all times or they could face disciplinary action or possibly dismissal. Confidentiality is essential with clients as it helps to build their trust although vital information should be passed on where necessary to the correct people. 7. WHISTLEBLOWING Whistleblowing encourages and enables employees to raise serious concerns within the company rather than overlooking a problem or ‘blowing the whistle’ outside.

Employees are advised to speak to their designated senior CareGiver or a member of the management team with any issues rather than other colleagues. Bvi: EXPLAIN HOW YOUR ROLE CONTRIBUTES TO THE OVERALL DELIVERY OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED Being a senior CareGiver means I am partly responsible in ensuring the quality of service remains at a high level by carrying out regular spot checks on CareGivers and completing Quality Assurance questionnaires with the clients to make sure they are satisfied with the care the y are receiving. Where any issues arise actions are taking to resolve them.

Bvii: EXPLAIN HOW YOU COULD INFLUENCE THE QUALITY OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED BY: A) FOLLOWING BEST PRACTICE WITHIN YOUR WORK ROLE; This would encourage anybody I am training to work to high standards that I personally would set and would ensure clients are kept safe and happy at all times. This could also promote the company through word of mouth. B) NOT CARRYING OUT THE REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR ROLE. This could put yourself and clients in danger and could have a damaging effect on the companies business. The level of care would decrease setting low standards and would leave clients vulnerable to all sorts of risks.

Bviii: DESCRIBE HOW YOUR OWN WORK MUST BE INFLUENCED BY NATIONAL FACTORS SUCH AS CODES OF PRACTICE, NATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS, LEGISLATION AND GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES. The national factors give you guidance, standards and rules to follow in your work practice. Legislation tells you what you must/must not do. Codes of Practice and Occupational Standards form the values of the company; legislation states the level and quality of care, government initiatives impact the clients more directly. If the above aren’t followed the level of care would be poor and unsafe for clients to receive.

Without guidelines, laws and rules carers wouldn’t know what is and isn’t acceptable within their care duties and could also be putting themselves at risk. Bix: A) IDENTIFY TWO REPRESENTATIVE BODIES WHICH INFLUENCE YOUR AREA OF WORK. Care Quality Commission B) DESCRIBE THE ROLE OF THE TWO REPRESENTATIVE BODIES YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED. CQC licenses services if they meet essential standards and will constantly monitor whether they continue to do so. They formally review services if they receive information that is of concern and as a result decide they need to check whether a service is still meeting one or more of the essential standards.

They also formally review them at least every two years to check whether a service is meeting all of the essential standards in each of their locations. Their reviews include checking all available information and intelligence they hold about a provider. They may seek further information by contacting people who use services, public representative groups and organisations such as other regulators. They may also ask for further information from the provider and carry out a visit with direct observations of care.

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