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An entrepreneur is an individual who carries out independent activities for profit at his or her own risk. To achieve success, such people need to develop entrepreneurial characteristics that determine the capabilities of the person. Knowledge of the sphere of activity, personal qualities, and practical skills are the basis for business prosperity. In the studied case, Ayesha Khan, despite the fact that she had a profitable and exciting job, was able to apply her entrepreneurial abilities and achieve some success.

Ayesha Khan had a full-time job as an IT specialist and, guided by her enthusiasm and desire to help people, provided food to blue-collar workers for ten years. When deciding on the expansion, she was also driven by philanthropy, and while finding out what to do, she learned about the business needed. After setting several ATMs and establishing processes, Aesha is looking for new opportunities, for example, working in other cities or hot-food vending machines.

For the above reasons, such a characteristic as opportunity finding is not decisive for Aesha and is at the middle level. However, she is characterized by risk-taking, since for the organization of activities, a woman sold her property. Moreover, Aesha left her stable job since managing a business requires significant effort and time. The woman’s innovation characteristic is manifested in the use of not yet widespread methods, like Food-ATM, for employees’ benefit. The management of these machines and all processes are difficult since the provision of high-quality food must meet strict requirements and demand control of the manager. For this reason, Aesha is excellent in managing resources while also assuming further expansion of activities.

Thus, guided by the desire to help people, Aesha Khan created a network to provide affordable and quality food for employees. The defining characteristics in the case are risk-taking and resource management since by making certain sacrifices, the woman coped with the difficult tasks of controlling the supply of food. The use of innovation is also crucial, as it helps to implement her ideas more effectively. Opportunity finding is important for Aesha, but charity is the primary motivator for her.

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