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Harvard Referencing

  1. Porter’s 5 forces model is not a part of the assignment
  2. As you explained what technology Amazon is using; similarly explain the other companies using technology, the competitive advantages they are gaining and justify their positions in their respective quadrants
  3. In-text citation in most of the places are missing. Based on your content you’re supposed to have at least 10-15 references.
  4. Word limit of the main content (from intro to conclusion) is 1000, up to 1200 is acceptable.

You should write `10/15 references and plagirsm should be more than 10%,

You can write one example amazon go grocery , if you can not find any other example its ok, but you have clarify the table 4 section mention is amazon go gocery, u should write explanation why amazon using technology and how they maintain and why , specific, resaon ,u should write uder the table of 4 section in amazon.     





Due date: 

Sunday, Week 5


1,000 words


Analyse how information technology be used to gain   competitive advantages based on Porter’s model of generic strategies (provide   examples for each strategy).

  • Case Study (Assessment 1 Reading)
    Amazon’s Go Grocery as a Niche Market

    Almost four years after launching its first cashierless store—Amazon Go, the e-commerce giant has once again added its first cashierless grocery store. The cashierless grocery store allows you to walk in, do your shopping, and without the usual queue associated with making payments through a sitting cashier.

    The store is powered by the retailer’s cashierless “Just Walk Out” technology that has been the backbone of 25 other Amazon Go stores in major cities in the US. At their own convenience, customers will be able to shop for their everyday grocery needs.

    You will be able to use the Amazon Go app to scan in as you enter the store, and then do your shopping as usual. Cameras and sensors have been strategically places to track the items you remove from the shelves which are then included in your virtual cart. As you exit the store, your cart is checked out automatically using your payment card on file. When you find an item of your choice, the technology keeps track of it in a virtual cart that can be viewed via the Amazon Go app. However, nothing is charged to your Amazon account once the item is dropped or returned back to the shelves.

    • What type of target market does Mazon’s Go Grocery have? Explain
    • How do you think information technology is helping Amazon to perform in this niche market?
  • Find at least 3 businesses per every sector. Justify your reasons.
  • Find 5/6 academic references that could be used in your assessment 1. You can search by the name of the business you listed above. Make sure your references also explain how IT is bringing competitive advantages.Billedresultat for porter's generic strategies

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