Context: In unit 2 of our course, we have read 5 argumentative texts. For your second essay, your job will be to perform a compare/contrast rhetorical analysis in which you choose two thematically related texts and evaluate them to determine who makes the more persuasive argument.The thematic pairs of texts are as follows:
Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr. writing about the need to address America’s racial inequalities
Prompt: Perform a rhetorical analysis of your two selected texts. Then argue for which of the two is more rhetorically effective.General Instructions:Begin: with an introduction in which you introduce your two selected authors and their articles. Give very brief biographical context, at least locating them historically in relation to one another and the historical context in which they are writing. Briefly mention the common theme of their writings. Transition into a thesis statement in which you indicate who makes the more rhetorically powerful argument, and a brief indication of why you think so.Develop: the body of your essay with several paragraphs to support your thesis claim. Your analysis should contain all of the following elements:
A focused rhetorical analysis of author 1
A focused rhetorical analysis of author 2
An evaluation of the authors’ rhetorical approaches, illustrating clearly why you find one to be more compelling than the other. You could work this into your focused rhetorical analysis of each author, or you could have a separate section of your essay which does this.
NOTE – I am not asking you which author you agree with more. I am asking you which author employs a more effective rhetorical approach. To answer this, you should be attentive to the rhetorical situation in which each text was written: issue, purpose, and audience. Conclude: With a brief summary, followed by a “so what” statement. Tell your audience why a rhetorical analysis of your chosen authors should matter to them. How can this exercise help us to be more attentive/responsive to issues of gender/race/injustice?Requirements and Reminders:
1000 words minimum
MLA format, including a works cited page and proper in-text citations
See handout on RHETORICAL APPEALS/STRATEGIES for a refresher on what to look for when performing a rhetorical analysis

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