Research Paper Rubric (125 Points)

Paper will be evaluated on clarity of thesis topic and the body of evidence that supports the thesis by providing examples or explanations informed by research

> INTRODUCTION: (40 Points)

– What is your groups topic and your sub-topic? (10 Points)

  • **Group topic: Energy and Transportation 
  • **My sub topic: auto-mobile (private cars; bus; carpool like uber, lyft; car sharing)

– How does your sub-topic fit within the framework of sustainable design and construction? (10 Points)

– What is your thesis statement? (20 Points)

  • **My thesis statement: 
  •               Due to the severe pollution in the City of Oakland, this may ultimately demonstrate the needs for a new sustainable transportation system by applying the use of energy and shared mobility in order to make the City of Oakland become a Green and Smart city.

> BODY: (50 Points)

– How does it relate to the City of Oakland? (15 Points)
     – Critical review of the current state of the city
     – Projections for the future

– What is the breadth of strategies that can be applied? (20 Points)
     – Evaluate the pros and cons of each strategy

  •              **Please talk about the “Fuel Cell Bus” offered by AC Transit in Oakland

2-3 Relevant precedents that can guide similar applications in Oakland (15 Points)

> CONCLUSION: (25 Points)

– Narrow down the toolkit down to a core list relevant to Oakland (10 Points)

– Proposed future steps to figuring out how these strategies can be applied to Oakland, which will contribute to efforts in Part 2 of this assignment (15 Points)

> FORMATTING: (10 Points)

– Title/cover sheet with an appropriate title

– Name and page number at the top right corner of each sheet as a header

Minimum of 5 citations

– Include a bibliography with references cited in the text as well as other resources used in your research

2000-word minimum

Double-spaced with one inch margins

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