Prepare an analysis of a painting, sculpture, or building. Provide a copy of the image that you are analyzing.  Be sure that you:

1) Identify the various elements of art (and/or architecture) and explain how they are used in this work. 

2) Explain the principles of art and the way in which they are used in this work.

3) Explain the iconography, if any, used in the work. 

Then interpret the work. 

1) What does it mean?

2) how does the artist convey this meaning using the elements and principles of art and the specific iconography, if any, that is represented?

Finally, situate the work in its social context and explain its significance as  public act in that context. 

In either case your work must  show an understanding of the specific formal elements (elements of art, musical system and forms, literary elements and forms) and show how they are used to create and or discover and convey meaning and form character.

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