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Assignment 6-2 Milestone 2 — You are required to use the ECO-Trans case study to complete the Milestone 2 Paper.  The case study is located in MindEdge Module 6.07 through 6.07.4

  • Assume that you are the Project manager for this Project. Add data based on your best assumptions where it is needed.
  • Do not repeat the case study back to me in your documentation.
  • You may use the “optional templates” provided as examples.
  • Provide one to two paragraphs to describe the process and include examples (templates are considered examples).
  • Your submission must be in one document.  The “optional templates” should be included in the sections.
  • Do not use an appendix or separate files for the submittal.
  • There is a video provided on how to merge word documents from portrait to landscape in the project.  (Please see next bullet)
  • Process outlined in Video to Merge Portrait and Landscape Documents into one document:   https://youtu.be/6HgfdX-acBw 
  • Keep your paper organized with sub headers that align with the rubric. 
  • A paper submittal template is provided for you to use to organize your paper. See attachment for Week 6 Project Template for Submittal of Milestone 2 Paper.docx  

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