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The Client intends to apply for funding through the SportScotland Facilities Fund for the construction of a Community Sports Centre on a site on the South coast of Fife. The project consists of a Multi-Function Hall; Changing Facilities; Reception and Cafe on the ground floor. A partial second floor consists of Library Facilities and a meeting room. The project has been granted Outline Planning Permission and the client wants to progress the project to secure funding. The general information for the project reflecting the requirements of the SportScotland Facilities Fund can be found via vision under course information section. As an information manager working for this client, you are required to prepare an information management report on this project to advise the client on the best way to manage the project information and to obtain effective communication among the project stakeholders. The report should cover:

1. Identification of stakeholders of this project and the relationships among them on a hierarchy. (500 words)

2. Explanation of the procurement process that may be followed to carry out this project. This should be discussed in relation to the main differences and features of the 4 alternative construction procurement methods. (2000 words)

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