Hi , tomorrow morning at 7 Am I have presentation the topic of presentation is ( driving safety ) . The presentation must be done by power point . It should be 6 slides Not more than this . I don’t want a professional slides It should look like Student slides and simple and easy to read do not use a hard vocabulary . First slide should be an introduction . The first slide should be a general idea about the subject which is ( driving safety ) . The second slide will talk about ( don’t drink and drive ) , I need details why don’t people don’t drink and drive and information about the subject . The third slide will talk about don’t drive fatigued I need information and solution And details. The forth slide ,will talk about the wear seat belts I need information and details . The fifth slide . Should be conclusion It can include advises about how can we drive safety . The sixth .i need video Awareness the main subject how we drive safety The video should not longer than one minute All the slide should be in the same theme and each slide should have pictures as well . Please include my name Hamad Alhenaitem

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