Describe your entrepreneurial dream business venture and go into your business for yourself assuming that there is NOTHING to hold you back…

– You have unlimited resources and no obstacles 

– You want to create a business centered around your passion & dream profession

– Create a name for your business (and logo if you feel industrious)

– Describe your venture business, why you are doing this, who you will be your clients/customers

– What is an inspiration business you wish to model your business to be like, will you have any partners, where will the business be located.

– What are your desires for the business to accomplish, remedy, better, etc.  

Utilize your textbook content to the fullest.  Particularly chapters 4-6.  

– What type of customer and location (city, state) will you concentrate on, and market will you penetrate into. If your business is global refer explain in what countries and how will you export products. p.70-91

– Will you or will you not have any partner(s)?  p.106.   If so will they be a general partner or limited partner, etc. p110

– How much money will it take to start your small business.

– If you don’t have all the $ it takes how will you obtain it.

– Many business owners do not make enough revenue to take a paycheck the first 1-3 years of the the business in order to grow the business.  How do you plan to make a living while your business has      yet to turn a profit?

– If you have a partner(s) in your business explain what type of partner they are, what they will contribute and how they will build the business with you. Review p.110-111 for details on what to talk about when discussing how your partnership will be defined in detail. 

Write 2-4 page paper – double spacing in 12 point font. Drag and Drop your document into the No Limits Business content folder under the Assignments tab.

Submit your assignment below where it says “Attach File.”  Attach your MS Word document with your answers to the questions.   Insert a heading that includes (your name, date, and BUSI1301-section # on top right). 

Cite all sources including your textbook, websites, magazines, books, journals, etc. on a separate Works Cited page and include it on a separate page in your paper.  Write your full name, college ID# on the top right of your paper.

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