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We have been helping Chinese students with their dissertations and dissertation proposals. Over the time, our dissertation writers have been keen on helping students craft their dissertation and meet the required standard by the university marking board. You do not have to worry on how to start your dissertation; our able writers will help you from the initial topic selection all the way to the competition of the dissertation. Getting the right dissertation topic is the first step in getting on the right track with your dissertation. After the topic selection, our writers will take you through crafting the research question and objectives. Once they are approved by your supervisor, we will start on the research proposal which will guide us on the dissertation writing.

Is research proposal part of the dissertation?

Even though the research proposal will have the same topic as the dissertation, they are two different tasks. The proposal will be a document to prove to your supervisor on the reasons why you have selected that particular topic and how you will conduct the research. This will give an overview on how prepared you are on handling the dissertation. During the proposal writing phase, you will be able to polish and streamline the research topic and objectives. This will be useful during the dissertation wring phase. On the dissertation writing phase, you will do the entire research based on what the research proposal proposed. Our team of experts will handle both phases to allow you have enough time for other activities. If you would like your dissertation to be written in Chinese, our team of able Chinese dissertation writers will handle it and submit it before time for your review. When submitting your dissertation, we will send two copies, one for English and a Chinese copy. Hire our Chinese expert dissertation writers for a perfect dissertation.

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