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Discovery is a better name for the 1950s, thanks in part to the Disneyland theme park. The popularity of Disneyland helped Walt Disney spread happiness and joy during a decade of discovery.

Disneyland in California was first opened in 1955 by WED Enterprises. Disney created his theme park to make his visitors feel that Disneyland was truly the happiest place on earth. Due to the technological innovations made by the Imagineers and Walt Disney, Disneyland is one of the most popular vacation trips. Disney had made a huge effect not only in one small city but the whole country. Its popularity attracted people from all over the nation who also wanted to visit this new idea of a theme park. Although this decade had struggles with war and economy, that did not stop Disney from finding a way to create happiness through his ideas.

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A few reasons why Disneyland became very popular is because of its films, TV debuts, and advanced technology. Disney used certain items of technology, such as the multiplane camera, to create many amazing animated films. One of the greatest inventions in the 1950s was the television in which Walt Disney promoted many of his films and shows. Some of the most iconic films that Walt Disney produced were ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Peter Pan’, both created in the 1950s. One of Disneyland’s most popular features is its audio-animatronics. Animatronics are robotic figures that are able to move, talk, and act like living beings; they were built by Disney’s design teams. A few popular animatronics at Disneyland are the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Enchanted Tiki Room’, and ‘Haunted Mansion’. Disney’s creation of animatronics is still some of the most popular films being watched today. His discoveries allowed him to be able to attract his audience by using storytelling. The innovative technology that was used made this theme park a fairytale. Those who were able to visit had never experienced anything like Disneyland.

Walt Disney’s creative imagination was a major factor in his life that helped him become extremely successful. He was born in Chicago Illinois, then later in his life moved to Hollywood, California. Disney grew up on a farm with his four other siblings. He was an extremely well-known founder of Disneyland theme parks, family entertainment enterprises, animator, and producer of television films and motion production. When Disney was younger, he loved cartoon animations and commercial art. He moved to Hollywood later in his life and started working on his first successful creation of Mickey Mouse. Disney’s discovery of all that he has created has led him to huge successes to this day. He had a dream when he was young, he worked hard and dedicated his life to doing what he loved and his dream had come true. He inspired many to keep pursuing their dreams.

The 1950s was undeniably a decade of discovery. America had been struggling with economic issues and stress from the Korean War. Disneyland opening truly had a positive impact on America. ‘The Decade of Discovery’ is the best title for the 1950s because this was America’s time of growth, development, and creativity. There were new ideas being made and different inventions being created all in hopes that they would be useful in the future. The discoveries made in the 1950s have been extremely effective and continue to be beneficial to this day.

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