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Impact of Disney Movies

Growing up I watched a lot of Disney movies. We primarily only watched Jewish media, except Disney movies, as my parents felt that many of the film’s themes had valuable lessons for us to learn. Disney movies were a big part of my childhood. I grew up admiring the life of Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty, who all seemed to be redeemed from their struggles by Prince Charming.

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First and foremost Disney movies always meant family time for me. It was when we all got together and no matter what enjoyed the film as a family. When we had movie nights, we all put our private cellphones or game-boys away and enjoyed quality time together. This taught me the importance of family and the value of quality time.

The first thing I think of when reflecting on the impact the Disney films had on me, is how I took everything that I watched on the screen literally. As a child, I did not understand the concept of fictional life and characters. I saw the film at face value and never questioned what I was watching. I learned to idolize the seemingly perfect lives of princesses in the “happily ever after” movie endings.

The films had an impact on my view of gender roles and identity. My idea of what a girl was supposed to look like was a princess, with a pretty dress and long blonde hair. The plotline of the majority of the movies was female as a damsel in distress, who desperately sought the rescue of a strong, handsome man. This ingrained the stereotype of women as being weak and dependent on men. At a young age, when I played dress-up with my friends I remember dressing up and trying to imitate the characters of the Disney princesses we watched.

While there were negative effects of the Disney films I watched, I learned some valuable lessons from the central theme of a lot of films. For example, they taught me to believe in a greater picture. That everything does turn out ok in the end. This gave me the courage to persevere. Disney’s moves taught me about the strength of standing up for myself and about true friendship, and love. Each movie had different unique messages. One of my favorite Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast, taught me the valuable lesson of not judging one by their outer appearance and valuing our insides and that true beauty comes from within.

Disney movies had a huge influence on my imagination. I learned a lot about people and socialization from the characters and storylines. In some ways, Disney movies shaped some of my beliefs and values from a very young age.

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