Different parts of the world have experienced catastrophic droughts over the past 10 years. Imagine you are studying the amount of rainfall received over a set period of time in order to help an area find solutions during times of water shortage. You might collect data on rainfall patterns on a monthly basis for a year. Then, chart your data to provide a graphical image of monthly rainfall rates. The resulting histogram indicates a range of rainfall.

This week, you will generate your own histograms using data from the Study Habits dataset provided in the Learning Resources.

To Prepare:

  • Choose a continuous variable and use your PSPP software (or other statistical software program) to create a histogram of this variable. Note: The dataset contains missing data. For this Discussion, do not clean the missing data.
  • Save your histogram as a JPEG file.
  • For students using the PSPP statistical software program, review the Learning Resources document Working With Datasets Job Aid for information about how to complete the tasks identified in the To Prepare and Post activities.  
By Day 4

Post your histogram and interpret it in terms of normality. Explain your reasoning. Note: Refer to the Learning Resources for assistance.

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