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I took this picture because this was one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever been able to witness. Have you ever noticed that you have that one thing that makes you feel warm inside and for that moment, life is good? For me, that thing is the sunset. The sunset has always been there no matter what, it is my peace and comfort. We all appreciate different things in life, but the sunset makes you value the little things in life.

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I never used to appreciate one of God’s best gifts until I was a sophomore in high school. I remember it had just been one of those days where I woke up late, and showed up tardy to my first class. I had got a bad grade on a test, I went home depressed to myself. I got something to eat and went to the beach with my dog. As I sat there eating the food I had brought. I looked over the water and could not describe what I saw next. I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen; it reflected over the water with gorgeous orange colors. At that moment, time stood still and everything in life was okay. It was like all my problems just evaporated into the sky. I remember sitting there with my dog and thinking why I had ever whined and complained. Life is too short and full of much bigger and better things to have bad days. Watching that sunset, I realized how important it is to value the little things in life and not worry so much when things go bad.

I believe in sunsets because they give people a sense of comfort and serenity. So many people go day by day without taking the time to watch the small beauties, like sunsets, that life has to offer. What I also like about watching and capturing these colorful moments is that you really can’t look away, you have to pay attention. In just seconds the sky will change into something new and exciting. Knowing that you want to be present in the moment and notice it all. The sunset is a symbol, it represents how good things happen every day. It is reliable and people can count on it being there around in the evening every day to give them that escape they need. Sunset reminds us that there are things, situations, or problems that end at the right time. Sunset is a good picture of not losing hope but building strength. As the sun goes down, we are never giving up instead we are preparing to rise up for tomorrow’s other challenges! The sunset gave me my escape and continued to daily. I know that no matter how bad the day, that sunset will always be there. The sunset is something more than just a ball of fire it is an escape. An escape that we all need.

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