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Dream vacation between luxury and wilderness

If a place in South Africa deserves the adjective ‘magical’, it is without a doubt Bushman’s Kloof in the Cedar Mountains. Around an hour’s drive north of Cape Town opens up a world of wildly romantic beauty and unique nature. A special aura flows through the square.

Go on a search for legends from times long past and learn more about the tradition and history of the Bushmen when they were still roaming the area and with their impressive rock paintings told of great hunts and life in harmony with nature. Magical.

As soon as you arrive you will be captivated by the scenery of the Cedar Mountains with their ridges, gorges, and savannas. In the middle of this unique landscape lies the 7500-hectare Bushmans Kloof nature reserve with its imposing cliffs and unique fynbos vegetation.

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Bushman’s Kloof is a very special, self-contained holiday experience that cannot be compared to a normal safari, although here you go on ‘Game Drive’ in an open SUV. In the foreground are the wonderful nature, the unique atmosphere of this place, and of course the rock drawings. And a game drive often only ends at the starting point for a hike along a gorge or a beautiful waterfall to one of the numerous spots for the ‘Bushman Paintings’.

Let experienced rangers take you into the world and way of life of the South African Bushmen, some of whom lived here several thousand years ago. Everywhere you come across their traces, a total of 138 rock paintings have been found so far, making Bushman’s Kloof one of the “hot spots” of the Bushman culture. The University of Cape Town has even set up a rock art research project here. The Heritage Center, located near the main lodge, houses artifacts, works of art, and unique finds from the Bushmen.

Bushman’s Kloof is also a place to relax and regenerate. Enjoy the exquisite cuisine according to the well-known Relais & Châteaux tradition and let yourself be pampered from head to toe in the wellness and beauty center.

And the culinary experience in Bushmans Kloof is also an unforgettable moment: dinner is served in a different location every evening. For example, eat in the Kadoro – an old stone farmhouse in the middle of the wilderness with a campfire atmosphere. Or experience the breathtaking Embers: A wooden plateau in a rock canyon, illuminated by 280 oil lamps – Bushmans Kloof is unique in every respect.

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