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A study model written report will be submitted to explain how 

(1) to take an impression, (2) make a cast, and (3) properties of each material used in the process. The report will discuss any errors made during each process and how the errors were corrected by the student.  

The report will include an explanation of the process of taking an impression, pouring the cast, and trimming the model. It is highly recommended that notes of errors and corrections made be taken during each process of creating a study model to help write the final written report. The report must include a discussion of errors made and an explanation how the errors could be corrected. The report should clearly demonstrate what the student learned during the entire process, from taking the impression through the polishing of the study model. 

he report should be written in APA style with proper in citations. 

Students may deviate from the APA style and use first-person pronouns instead of third-person to write this report. The study model report will be evaluated for: • completeness of reflection of each process 

• explanation of the materials’ properties (water temperature, spatulation, etc. and their effects on each process) 

• explanation of how to correct errors experienced during the process of making the study model 

• use of proper grammar/spelling 

• APA format for in-text citations and reference page 

• title and reference pages The Study Model written report MUST include the following subheadings in APA format: 

• Introduction 

• Taking an alginate impression 

• Pouring the cast 

• Trimming the model 

• Polishing the model 

• Conclusions 

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