in cite qoutes and reference page a mustDemocracy has its flaws yet people desire
representative government. How does majority rule both support best and
worst ideas of society? Give at least one example of each (the best and
worst) in your post.You are required to make at least one post that responds to your
classmates’ posts. In your reply, you need to address specific points
made by your classmate(s) within their post and ask a follow up question
to promote more thought and discussion on the topic.Your discussion posts should be reflective, thoughtful, meaningful, and free of spelling and grammar errors.Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar.Need Help? Click here for complete discussion forum not forget Resonse post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Majority rule is the principle that the greatest number of votes
should exercise the greatest power. Majority rule supports the best
ideas of society by ruling in favor of what the majority of people have
expressed that they want. The worst ideas of society are shot down when
the majority says no to what they do not believe in, what they do not
want, or what they believe will bring destruction and dissatisfaction to
an already fragile society. Example of best and worst: Imagine after a year of serving as president of the United States,
the president is required to take a one month leave of absence to
refresh and rejuvenate. If the majority ruled in favor of the president
taking a month off to refocus on himself and his family, without the
pressure of presidency, he might come back with a new perspective and
ready to press forward with more success. If the majority ruled in
disfavor, they might believe that things could fall through the cracks,
war could break out and he would get pulled back in, or they might think
that he does not deserve a break because they did not vote for him, or because they are not in agreement with his decisions thus far. Fellow students, what do you think could go right or wrong in this situation? Maria

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