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The internet is very prevalent in society, everything from our PCs, to self-driving cars; the internet is used by everyone: Young, old, and everyone in between. However, the internet is in its early phases, and it is far from being fully developed.

The internet is only a system, that provides data and information, and it needs, a strong reliable connection, so, that the provider can provide the internet, through, a reliable connection, to a consumer.

One of the main ways in which, we connect to the internet, is through, a revolutionary technology, called: Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a facility, which allows, a variety of devices, e.g. Smartphones, to connect to another device e.g. Laptop; this enables people, to share and receive information with ease, for example, before, if you want to video call someone, you will have to use, an unreliable, and slow, Ethernet connection, however, as technology advances, Wi-Fi, eliminates this, and provides a fast, reliable, and strong network.

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Wi-Fi, works, by technology, with radio signals, like your radio; these connections, travel through the air, at the speed of light! They, travel as wavelengths, and modern devices, like your phone, receive, these radio signals, and convert these signals, into data, furthermore, which is converted to useful information; our phones, also, send these signals back, for example, to transmit data, to the Wi-Fi, router or tower, and then is converted into information (normally, demands), and then your phone, receives, the data, requested.

Wi-Fi, has many advantages, to a traditional, Ethernet, for example, an Ethernet, provides a reliable connection, Wi-Fi, still provides a fairly, reliable connection, however it is not as stable opposed to an Ethernet; another, strong reason, is Wi-Fi, is portable, so you don’t have to stretch a big bulky wire, which is not very portable, so with Wi-Fi, you have access to the internet everywhere.

Although Wi-Fi, is fast and reliable, it does have its disadvantages; firstly, if use public Wi-Fi, e.g. in Starbucks, your details, on your phone, etc… You could be hacked, as they bypass the radio signals, thus, bypassing it, and accessing, personal details, putting, you finances in jeopardy. Another disadvantage is although, Wi-Fi, is portable, environmental factors, like walls, and buildings, can restrict the radio, ways, thus reducing accessibility.

Frequently, mentioned Ethernet, is a cable, connection, that enables you to connect to the internet normally however with a cable; this may cause some inconvenience, however, this mode of accessing the internet, provides a more stable connection, as opposed to wireless connections.

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