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Guided by what was stated in the previous pages (the definition of nationalism, heroism, and humanity) it is indeed both Trinidad Tecson and Apolinario Dela Cruz made acts that fall to humanity, heroism, or nationalism. After analyzing the data gathered, the researchers were able to find that the acts of Trinidad Tecson fall mostly into the category of Heroism. As was stated above, heroism is “the desire of someone wanting to save or rescue a person who is in a state of conflict”. This act was exemplified when Trinidad Tecson established a field hospital to cure and nurse injured soldiers and organized a group of Filipino women to nurse injured Filipino Soldiers wherein she was recognized as the “Mother of Mercy”. Moreover, the problems encountered by Trinidad Tecsonm pushed her to the acts of heroism. Next to Heroism, she also did acts of Nationalism by participating in the twelve bloody battles in Bulacan, along with the popular Battle-of-Biak-na Bato wherein she would always get injured, but after she was done recovering, she would always come back to the field and fight once more for the country. This, indeed, satisfies the definition of Nationalism, which is defined as “someone’s dedication and love for their own country”.

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On the other hand, Apolinario Dela Cruz falls mostly into the category of humanity. Apolinario Dela Cruz was greatly known for providing charitable works among his fellow Filipinos. Also, the main agenda of his battles and the foundation of the Cofradía de San José, which he was greatly known for, was for his fellowmen to gain equality, social justice, and religious freedom. These acts are the condition of being human, the quality of compassion for others, and kindness, which falls mainly on humanity. Next to humanity, these acts are also considered heroism for he sacrificed himself for the sake of his natives and he was recognized as the “Bayani of Quezon”. This also fits in Heroism which historians defined as “Individuals who protected and loved their people until the end of their life.” the definition of the Philippine government recognizes heroism for the acts of their sacrifices, selflessness, and immeasurable contributions. Yet, the acts of Apolinario Dela Cruz still fall mostly on humanity because, at some point, he was not able to protect his people(which falls in the category of heroism) because of some of his wrongdoings which was stated in the presentation of data.

Indeed, both heroes showed acts of nationalism, heroism, and humanity but after analyzing the information gathered and after learning how humanity, nationalism, and heroism differ from one another, we have noticed that the acts of each hero fall mostly into one category by evaluating where the majority of what they’ve done fits among these three categories, or on what category their acts exemplified; Apolinario Dela Cruz: Humanity and Trinidad Tecson: Heroism.

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