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Generation next would be entirely different, smarter, and independent due to conflicting sets of values the parents feel confused, insecure, and helpless due to their inability to understand ‘Me’-a total contradiction to their values and beliefs.

I am the ‘Generation Next’ and it will take my parents a generation to understand what I like and what makes me tick.

Play stations, the latest rock music, hip hop, you see what I mean!!! The world has changed in the last few decades so much that parents find it difficult to understand ‘Gen Next’ that is ‘Us’.

The web revolution and now mobile technology are changing the way we interact with each other and the world. The change that directly affects the way we live has been enormous not just because of technology, and the media but also due to the widening gap between our parents and Us. With our parents’ endearing memories of India as self-sufficient but somewhat closed to the outward-looking and confident India c today, come problems of differing world views between them and us.

Parents should not forget that Independence has been resigned to its glorious past and it is the glorious future that the new generation is now looking forward to.

The world of music, fashion, and influence from the other parts of the world, is defining my identity. This is at odds with a more grounded view of being an Indian and the way of life my parents and grandparents have aspired for.

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This is that period of our life when we are moving away from the close circle of our families and striving hard to become individuals with certain rights.

Added to this, is the fact, that I am a teenager, rebellious to the coral seeing new worlds and ideas every second. It excites me and I want to define my ‘new self which does not want to conform to traditions.

In a chaotic world, I find myself compelled to make choices. Either I try to clone on to my core belief and feel self-confident in it or ride the waved change. Either way, there will be two camps, and guess who is more likely to be in which? There is no right answer; both ways call for a choice to no change or to embrace change.

Confidence is the key, am a confident Indian, defining the values and aspirations of my generation that leads to an inevitable gap, but gaps are built to leap, gaps need bridges, the bridges of understanding and acceptance by the world we live in, if not the world you lived in. It will happen again when I have children, and I say ‘Cheers’ to that.

But, I accept change which also leads to confusion, and in a state of confusion, one needs stability as much as understanding and patience on the part of the adults. I hope to find it in the love and support of my parents. ‘Generation Next’ is only a gap in ideas and is definitely not a gap in family ties.

Life of the present generation is far different when compared with the older ones. Things have changed significantly. The way things used to work in the past is not the same as now because new systems of doing things have been made known to society. The way we consolidate things is different from how our old generation used to sort out and live manically in their society. This is the age where voices from all parts of society and rights are equally shared and heard. Back then, to stand on what you believe is costly, including your life. Some of the most important differences between our generation and the old generation are education, technology, lifestyle, and communication between people. When it comes to education most people from the present generation tend to have at least a bachelor’s degree. In other words, they cannot work until they have an appropriate education. In contrast, people in the older generation did not have a lot of opportunities to study. In the past, only rich people would have the opportunity to study. Also, people in the older generation focused more on working than studying. Thus, people in the present generation have a higher education than people of the older generation. In the present generation, we have the right to education i.e. men and women both have equal rights to have education. In contrast, women of the older generation did not have the opportunity to study when compared with men. Coming to technology it evidently changed our society. As days go by, science and technology have been virtually advanced and used to create various machines from vehicles, weapons, mobile phones, computers, or any other equipment that is designed using technology. Compared to the old generation where technology wasn’t really familiarized as they had to ensure that their task was completely done by their bare hands without any programmed device that they could use. Today’s generation has been relying on the internet for almost everything in their day-to-day life. In contrast, the older generation used to depend upon themselves to get their work done. And when it comes to lifestyle people of the present generation enjoy easier lives when compared with the older ones. The lifestyle for the older ones was quite difficult because as a way of discipline, the children were whipped and given punishments by their parents and any mistake made there were severe consequences and this made the child be more vigilant and careful next time before trying another stupid thing but our generation parents are becoming more relaxed when disciplining their child and that has led to the child becoming rebellious and having troubles following some simple rules and regulations given by their parent. Today’s generation after graduating from university, may not have to work immediately. They can sit around at home and do nothing because their parents are willing to support them. They do not have to be concerned too much about their future plans. On the other hand, people of the older generation tend to have harder lives. If they want something, they have to work really hard to achieve it. And finally, when it comes to communication between people, the older generation used to face many problems in contacting their dear ones. Whereas, people of the present generation are used to connecting with each other almost immediately. For example, if young people want to contact their friends who live in different countries, they usually contact them by using their mobile phones. Teenagers in the new generation spend most of their time chatting with their friends on their mobile phones or chatting online more than doing anything else. On the other hand, people from the older generation are accustomed to writing letters to contact friends who are far away. Furthermore, they like to deal with other people face to face. When it comes to men and women, men used to have more freedom in communicating with others when compared with women, who were not even allowed outside of their homes. In contrast, present generation there is almost no difference between men and women in contacting their dear ones and talking with people.

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