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The 21st century shapes the modern face on how people communicate. The use of Internet information and communications technology hastily arises over the past years. These technologies are widely used by adolescents since it becomes a medium for getting excellent sources of news and information, yet they are the most ignorant about the risks of sharing information online. Adolescent’s level of awareness regarding cyber libel is still at a medium level (Zakaria & Harun, 2020). We often share sensitive information with other people, leaving them susceptible to spreading it online. Also, cyber libel is hard to address because the laws regarding internet crimes are still in their embryonic phase. It’s impossible that the law can keep up with the pace at which technology is progressing.

Cyber libel is the act committed through a computer, social media platforms, and any other technology. The importance of cyber libel awareness is to help adolescents to be aware of the law and the possible consequences of cyber libel. Raising awareness is vital when it comes to cybercrime prevention. Moreover, cybercrime awareness helps law enforcement agencies to quickly address cyber libel due to the increased awareness of the victims (Bele et al., 2014).

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The relationship between adolescents from low-income households and cyber libel awareness is that most of the news and information regarding cyber libel aware-ness is predominantly posted and can be retrieved online. As information, services, and resources increasingly moved online. Indeed, it is costly to get access and take full advantage of opportunities in education, and the production and dissemination of knowledge in digital content (Rhinesmith, C., 2016). Low-income households are the most in need of cyber awareness, yet they often least to get online to access those services, and children from low-income, who are four times less likely to have the opportunity in gaining access information online, are also the most likely to be vulnerable to the long-term detrimental effects of constrained access to technology-enriched education.

Cyber libel is hard to address and control since the law with regards to the Internet and cybercrime is still in its developing stages. Lack of cyber libel awareness can lead people to either be the victim or the perpetrator. To make the matter worse, avid users of new technologies are adolescents, yet they are the most naive portion of the population regarding cyber libel, leaving them unaware of the severity of the problem. Thus, this is a serious problem in modern society that needs to be solved.

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