initial postCSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York are very popular TV shows watched by
thousands of people on a daily basis and influence the public
perception. The TV shows depict the work of the crime scene
investigators who are able to solve each case with forensic evidence
leading to the suspect. Attorneys noticed changes in the perception of
jurors and called it the CSI effect.Discuss your thoughts if and how those shows influence the possible
jurors’ perc eption that forensic evidence is required in every criminal
trial? Does it raise the burden of proof for the prosecution? Are the
jurors less likely to convict without forensic evidence in court?Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar. response postsAccording to Law Cornell, the CSI effect is a “phenomenon
reported by prosecutors who claim that television shows based on
scientific crime solving have made actual jurors reluctant to vote to
convict when, as is typically true, forensic evidence is neither
necessary nor available”. While I have never personally witnessed the
CSI effect, I believe in its existence. I watch shows like CSI and
First 48 and aside from the perpetrator actually confessing to the
crime, DNA evidence usually is what brings those cases to a definitive
close. Though I have come short of serving on a jury, if I were to
sit-in on a burglary or murder case, I would expect there to be some
kind of forensic evidence that would link the accused to the crime. I
wholeheartedly acknowledge that this can be harmful, however, as a juror
I would feel more justified in convicting a person whose DNA or
fingerprints were found to be present. This kind of thinking does raise
the burden of proof for the prosecution, but how many innocent people
have been incarcerated from simply resembling the perpetrator? Everyone
wants justice, but not at the expense of an innocent party. CSI Effect. (n.d.) Retrieved from Please make sure there is apa format in cite quotes and references, double space, header page numbers. in the response post make sure to be detailed and use questions and engage in the conversation 2 paragraphs.

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