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Myth is an important stage in the human experience. Without you, the world would be a terrible place. Thought is essential to human wisdom and happiness. Dreams teach us about the right people.

Although mythical characters are woven from a series of dreams, their basic nature is based primarily on real people. Fantasy teaches us to admire the interior of the pinnacle notch in general. Unfortunately, we take reality for granted. Because it is part of our daily routine, it is by no means new that we are as young as we were when we were children, we separate it. Happily, myths are redirecting our view. Dreams teach us to embrace solid truths.

There are some uncomfortable facts with which we now decide not to think. Every day we are confronted with poverty, hunger, war, mental illness, and even the evils within us. Life is a wonderful, uncomplicated covenant that enables us to forget that the world is a dark place. As a result, we create a mental divide when it comes to topics that touch our hearts.

Reading fairy tales is one way to grow up to be more receptive. Because myths are not true (at least above), we have an accurate agreement that has increased tolerance for controversial ideas. We open the gates and let the author’s beliefs do what is in our hearts.

As one of the best-selling fairy tales in history, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone introduced one of the most popular and traditional heroes to Harry Potter. Harry is an ordinary orphan boy who initially did not know about the complex future that awaited him at Hogwarts ‘School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In the first installment of the Harry Potter series, Rowling introduces the treacherous land of Hogwarts and its inhabitants to the full extent of the human condition behind that deceptive world.

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Rowling may have chosen to write just a simple fictional message conveying the same message as a deceptive novel but he craved the illusion that overshadowed complex morals, maturity, love, family, and the theme of right and wrong. Writing fictional narratives offers greater freedom in artfully conveying accurate information than fiction based on fact. Dreams and Realities of Harry Potter Character

According to some critics, the cause behind the success of the novel in history is its ability to create a single, localized world of amazing characters that evoke common problems. ‘Memories are full of the right ingredients: intelligent and courageous characters, magic, humor, humorous and bizarre settings, and a satisfying mix of myths and facts.’ People can relate to the characters’ behavior because of the truth they do now. you can no longer act honestly like a normal person everyone is familiar with; instead, most of the main characters have complex personalities that are familiar to the person.

Harry Potter’s fictional character is an 11-year-old orphan living with his common cousin Dudley Dursley as well as his ruthless uncles and uncles, Petunia and Vernon Dursley. His dramatic ending begins when he is summoned to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft with the help of headteacher Albus Dumbledore. As he grows up, facing his journey, and the adventures with his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, he turns into a picture of a young boy growing up as he faces critical situations regarding his recognition and the death of his parents. Despite the fact that the story is set in a dream world, Harry is known as the most familiar person in his age group.

His frustrations, desires, and loneliness are largely based on the thoughts and feelings that are common to real people. When confronted with the Mirror of Erised, where the word ‘awakening’ is the ability to ‘desire’ when reading backward, he expresses his desires for sincere longing as true people do. Desire is an important part of a person’s lifestyle and being in a position to manage it can appear as frustrating as Harry’s state of affairs when he longs to see his mother and father and meet them. However, frustration leads to hatred as he discovers that it was formerly Lord Voldemort, the main villain in the story, who is responsible for the death of his parents.

The conflict between the two characters can also be seen as confusing as both are guilty of killing each other. Clearly, social and moral issues, such as selfishness, power, prestige, and prominence, appear to be among the darkest issues in the world today. These stories show how they should be blamed for war, apartheid, and crime in the real world as it is in Harry Potter’s world. All of this is very evident these days when Rowling criticizes such problems in the age-old war of good and evil.

Hogwarts specifically represents the wisdom of daily living where students are disciplined and taught to stay inside the school. Instead of teaching topics such as Mathematics, Language, and Science, Hogwarts ‘teaches a challenge like Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions to allow them to use their magic gadgets in the right way.

These courses are very similar to academic subjects as they will in time become the prerequisites for the work that each scholar should see in the future. Clearly, this ingenious set-up combines daily computer programming with real-life intelligence and purpose. Hogwarts also revealed

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