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There is clear evidence that parental presence can and does influence children as they grow up. Sigmund Freud, a renowned psychologist, once said that there is nothing as good in childhood as a father’s protection. Growing up without a parent, particularly a father, in United States society is extremely difficult. Children who do not have their parents are disadvantaged in modern American society, and they usually face a greater struggle to become successful in their education, careers, and professional endeavors.

To ascertain this statement, I interviewed a lady who lost his father at age 7. From the interview, I found that fatherless daughters have self-esteem issues. According to studies, kids, especially ladies, often blame themselves when their dad is not there to support and offer protection to them. Additionally, countless statements from psychologists have affirmed that fatherlessness has extremely negative impacts on a daughter’s self-esteem (Lohmann, Nieuwenhuis, and Marx Edward Elgar). Her confidence in her normal activities, as well as the values of human beings, can greatly diminish if the father is not around. The daughter from the interview reinstated that while growing she needed someone to protect and edge her from guys who disturbs her.

Studies involving nearly 5000 teenagers have shown that kids from one parent had more physical and emotional challenges than those living with both parents. Furthermore, lads in fatherless homes were found to have developed sicknesses more than girls in single-parent homes. This is because young boys often spend time together with their fathers, unlike girls. Studies have also confirmed that four out of five adolescent suicides occur in fatherless homes.

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It is no doubt that women with absent fathers are more likely to struggle financially to provide for the family. Financial constraints, among other things, may make a woman develop disorders such as eating disorders. Additionally, ladies might struggle to stabilize their sexual relationships because they lack a mentor and protector. This is revealed in the interview, after the death of her dad the daughter feels isolated.

Fatherless daughters are prone to depression issues. The ladies tend to avoid healthy relationships with guys or fellow women because they do not feel they deserve it, and they also fear being hurt, but they might find themselves having made the wrong decision of jumping into an unhealthy relationship. From the interview, the fatherless daughter is depressed. She is unable to mingle with friends and feels happy because of the trauma of being fatherless. She is afraid to talk with guys because she lacked someone who could offer protection to her in case she was in danger. Adding to this point studies have linked single parents with poor performance in school. Fatherless children would spend their time in school flashbacking memories that are not related to studies, which then makes them fail exams.

In conclusion, it is quite clear that children growing up without fathers in their homes face numerous challenges. However, this does not mean to reveal that all children who are brought up by a single parent may face more obstacles than those with both parents. The point is important for communities in America to teach fatherless children and recognize them to reduce depression and suicidal cases.

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