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The Great Gatsby has a lot of characters that stand out and has their own personality or characteristics. Throughout the movie, all of their houses are shown and it describes who they are and what their life is like.

The first character is Tom Buchanan, who is Daisey’s husband. He’s a rich busy man who people describe him as a hypocritical bully. People also describe him as arrogant and cruel and brutal. He likes to think of himself as a man with domination who overlooks everyone. His characteristic matches his house because it’s a massive mansion. It overlooks the bay in front of his house just like how he seems to overlook everyone in the city. The mansion is massive just like his ego, both he and the house has a good and a bad side.

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The second character is Nick Carraway, who was the new guy in town who became great friends with Gatsby. A lot of people really like Nick, they see him as an honest, kind man who is open-minded to what anyone says. His house is a lot like his because it’s kind of a normal house like how he is but has like a crazy thing about it like how he has a crazy side. Nick’s house is kind of an eye-sore because it’s a small, normal house that is in between two massive mansions, just like how he isn’t as rich as Buchanan and Gatsby but still is always in between them.

The final character is Gatsby, The Great Gatsby in fact. Gatsby is a very wealthy man who has very few friends but is known by a lot of people. The only weird thing about him is nobody knows how he became rich or where his money, house, and car came from. This is weird because his house is big and colossal but just like his character there’s nothing inside of the house like how there isn’t anything in his body, soul, or heart. The gossip around Gatsby is that he is two-faced so his house has a good-looking and a bad-looking side of it.

In conclusion, the characters and their houses have similar characteristics or personalities, or meanings. This is a good thing to look up because it shows who’s who and it really describes each one of them very clearly. This type of assignment is basically like how you act as a child and describes who your parents are. I really enjoyed finding out how each character is described by their own houses and how people see both the houses and characters.

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