IntroductionParole involves inmate release before the expiration of the court-imposed sentence, with a period of inmate supervision that must be completed successfully, based on conditions and terms imposed by the commission. Parole affects the size of the prison population and discipline within the facility. Parole remains controversial and has experienced a number of changes over the years.Suppose you have been selected for the commission of corrections for the state in which you reside (Texas).In that capacity, you have been asked to develop criteria for parole release in your state. You want to ensure key stakeholder positions are accounted for in your determinations.For your initial discussion post, address the following:Determine four criteria for parole release that you would propose.Explain the rationale behind your parole release criteria determinations.Predict three potential implications associated with the parole release criteria; one to the inmate, one to corrections staff, and one to society.

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